April 6th, 2007

Firefly/Serenity: You Stand Out

"San Francisco of the East" "Paris of the South" "Seattle of the South" "Sedona of the East"

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Yeah, we've been called all of those.

What Macaulay Culkin couldn't do with Richie Rich and Andie MacDowell couldn't do by existing, Rachel Ray finally did with $40 a Day and now no one leaves us alone!

Why, just today we made MSN's 10 Easy Spring Weekend Getaways list - at #2! I have one nit - we're actually in the Blue Ridge Mountains and not the Smoky Mountains (but it doesn't really matter now that the Parkway is riddled with houses & appears to be a giant, winding backyard, anyway).

So when are you coming? I'll take you to all the cooler places locals know about. Friday we'll hit the drum circle at Pritchard Park, and then we'll see a movie cause I get in free. Saturday it's hiking (berry picking if you come late enough)! We'll skip Graveyard Field (it's always so packed) and go another mile up to the tiny road hidden at milemarker 420, and you'll join me at my very favorite place on earth. If it's warm, I'll take you to Sliding Rock (but I probably won't go down because I got kicked in the head at the bottom once and couldn't find my way back up).

Forget the Biltmore tourist trap - we'll hit up the cheap local fun like the free antique museum; art galleries; botanical gardens; listen to the old guys play bluegrass at that music store on Patton (I've heard rumor of a weekly Thursday bluegrass jam, and there's a house on my way home from mom's that's always PACKED on Thursday nights & I've never had the balls to stop - let's go); hit the Farmer's Market for a local, organic lunch; Mystic Journey's for a tarot reading (or to my mom's for a channeling, if you like); sneak up to the labyrinth at Kanuga (rumilicious); trick you into walking on take you to the haunted bridge.

Asheville's nice. Come over.
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