July 26th, 2007

I feel pretty

Health: Boo Me! (and Bele Chere)

I am officially the dorkiest person on the face of the earth.

I haven't been able to take my morning walks for about a week now. I had the brilliant idea to take a bowl and collect the last of the blackberries for smoothies, and I caught myself a nasty case of poison ivy all over my ankles. It's a sock-line explosion, and I can't wear my shoes (I'm sporting gauze and bandages instead) so I've been wearing slippers all week. Worse yet, it's summer and horribly hot and the inability to shave my legs is just salt in my itchy wounds. (My Mexican hairy-tage shows up horribly against my Irish-white, mummified legs).

I made some damn good smoothies, though. So instead of exercising daily, I bought some yogurt and frozen berries and have been experimenting with different smoothies. The girls have been sick since the weekend, so smoothies and chilling at home has been pretty good for them. I actually accomplished some FLYing, and I have several boxes and bags to give away and get out of the house. Cleaning up the clutter will surely help the sniffles, and whittling away any of the extra pounds - on my temple or the family's - is progress, imo. We've all been reiki-ing each other to feel better, and I'm really enjoying the closeness and fun energy discoveries we've been making now that the whole family is attuned. I may share more on that later. And I might have to attune my dog, if I'm making the claim that the whole family is attuned. :)

We're still trying to take the girls hiking, although our weekend plans with lahermite fell through when the girls took ill. Maybe next weekend. This Saturday Josh will be helping lahermite move, and then we're going to try to hit Bele Chere Saturday evening and catch OMG OMG KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD! at 9:30.

Bele Chere is something like the largest free street festival in the South, not counting Mardi Gras I suppose - and also not counting the $3 waters or $6 funnel cakes. Most of the music is free, and although some of the headliners are on ticket stages, I cannot find ticket info anywhere for Kenny Wayne so I think he's playing free (we saw Bo Diddley one year!). I know I have some semi-local friends, so if you're hitting Bele Chere Saturday let us know. :)