August 9th, 2007

Natural Birth_lierre

Birthy Goodness

I came home the other day and walked through the kitchen to my sink. On the other side of my room, laid across my keyboard, I caught the barest glimpse of an ultrasound.

Ivy!!! My heart cried.

Josh had been cleaning and found our ultrasound, and upon inspecting for a date I learned that it was, in fact, Ivy. How wonderful! I was so excited. I'd known, just like that.

I'm not good with ultrasounds at all. Did you see Friends where Rachel had her first ultrasound and cried because she couldn't see it? I'm about the same. With Eden's first ultrasound (well, the first after she became a recognizable human), I thought it looked like an alien. Big grey face with large dark eyes. My mom took one look and said, "That baby looks just like Josh!" I was all WTF? "Just you wait," she insisted.

Right on.

But I was surprised at the instinctive way I glimpsed the picture and recognized it as Ivy. Her second birthday is next week, and I want to do something special. I felt bad for missing her first birthday, but I was out of state with the honor of being ladysmith's doula. Her son was born on Ivy's birthday.

Wednesday the 18th, for any local friends, we'll be having Ivy's birthday at the Chuck E. Cheese's in Asheville. Fun should start at 12:30. Ivy's birthday is actually Wednesday the 15th, and I will try to celebrate by posting her birth story. Since it's only logical to go chronological, I'll try to post Eden's on Monday. :)

With both girls, we never found out the sex of the baby. At first I'd wanted to, but Josh convinced me otherwise. He said, "This is the greatest gift God will ever get us. We shouldn't cheat by peeking before it's time to open it." After that, I had to agree.

I had wonderful pregnancies and births. They've shaped me more than probably anything else in my life. I'll try to hunt down the pictures, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.