September 20th, 2008

Firefly/Serenity: River brain kill

Me in a Ginormous Nutshell

I debated over whether to make this short, sweet, and nice or raw, unfettered truth. Well, if I'm going to do this thing, then I'll do it all the way. Plus, it's much more gratifying that way. And you should know what you're getting into up front. You wanna meet the real me now?

Ahavah_Ehyeh: My username translates to “Love_I Am”. I found them in a list of the Names of God years ago. It was what I strove to be. I named my journal “This Path” because I am just sharing my path, and I think we learn from those we see along the way. I share, but I don't proselytize.

Me: Amanda, 27 years old, Female, Married, two daughters: Eden (5 and a half) & Ivy (3), Dog: Achaiah (8), Cat: Cinder (a couple months). I'm fantastic.

LJ: I'll probably clean up my friends list and communities soon, as I've only recently returned to the internet. I haven't been able to keep up with it at all, but that's changing. Still, I only add folks who introduce themselves and let me know they've added me. I love making new friends! Just have trouble keeping up with them all.

Label-y Identification Blurb: writer, Medicine Reiki Master, birth doula, homeschooling housewife, newlywed, hippie deadhead, spiritualist, Unitic, kinky, switch, southern belle, snark-master, supreme ruler of all existence

Writes: nonfiction, poetry, spec fic (fantasy, science fiction, alternate history), erotica, fanfic (mostly rpgs). One day I will be a submitter. Well, I've had a few things published but never for real pay.

Fandoms: Kushiel, Firefly, Earth's Children (but not so much lately)

Other Passions: I'm in love with Keller Williams (the musician, not realtor). And Rumi. I'm a struggling Flybaby. I'm on a deadline with my mission101 list.

Favorites: Colors: silver & blue, Song: Ripple (Grateful Dead)/Best Feeling (KW)/Terrapin Station (GD) tie, Author: Orson Scott Card

Edit: I think this is the best post I've ever done

Hates: politics, trolls, country music, liars, anime

Pertinent stuff: I lost my mom in a pretty traumatic way recently. I'm still dealing with a lot of emotional/spiritual/legal stuff from that. It happened during the week Josh and I got married. We got married anyway (friends-only), but we are still planning the “real wedding” because our kids need to be a part of that. It currently takes up quite a bit of focus on my lj. You don't have to read all my other stuff, though it's likely to leak into LJ idol. Just a heads up. I'll try not to be too bleak. Vote for me anyway.

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10 Things! I do memes:

1. I've never seen a Woody Allen movie, ever.

2. It bugs the snot out of me that Mexican restaurants don't make carnitas properly.

3. I am one of those crappy people who order things like Venti skim two-pump caramel machiatto with whip. It's embarrassing, but so, so yummy.

4. I've really come to hate the term (not color) green when used to portray supposedly environmentally sound building/buying/thinking/etc. But I especially loathe it when writers feel the need to italicize it or “put it in quotes”. Everyone in Asheville is trying to be part of/cashing in on the ”green” phenomena, and most of the places and products touting ”greenness” aren't really doing anything special. They recycle, or use cloth napkins instead of paper. You should be already! Yet they still buy 3 pages worth of advertising in each of said papers, post fliers, keep their lights on after closing time (via Progress Energy, not windmills or anything), and import their vegetables from California. Stop trying to be ”green” if it's just a bandwagon you're jumping on! It ain't easy being ”green”. If I see one more paper littered with ”green” specialed-out at least half a dozen times per article, I may throw myself a very ”green” protest by recycling your ”green-washed” publications via a giant bonfire on the sole 2.5 acres of our drought-plagued forestland that hasn't yet been bought out by condo developers. But don't worry! I'll place the resultant ashes from the newspapers/forestland on my compost pile.

5. I have never been a cat person. I had a cat twice as a kid, but I've always been a dog person. Now I have Cinder, who is growing on me despite my protests. Not too much. She shits too often in all the wrong places and still has these allergy/kid-biting/trying-to-usurp-Josh's-affections problems. Even if I'm only on yellow alert (kind of liking this kitty), I have a cavernous fear somewhere inside that she may one day make me start liking LOLcats. (I'm sorry, guys. I know you all love them, but they're unsettling in their inexplicable popularity and apparently endless variations. Not to mention, the faces/poses are just plain nightmare-inducing.)

6. I have cried over four of my lj friends. I've cried a bunch when I've read something heart-wrenching, but I've actually cried over four of them. I'm not saying who, because I'm fairly certain they have no idea.

7. If I could meet and talk with any one person on this earth, it actually wouldn't be KW. It would be, hands down, H.H. The Dalai Lama. I passionately and whole-heartedly hope to meet this man while he's still around.

8. It truly boggles me that Starbucks can be found everywhere in North Carolina – and, indeed, the known world - except for any local area West of Asheville.

9. I have a secret sex blog. If you aren't already on there, I'm not telling you where it is. As soon as I have the internet, that thing is coming back with a vengeance. Not because I have the internet, but because I actually have a whole lot of greatness to post. I am posting this publicly for one reason and one reason only: You Are A Stupid Fucking Cunt. (ha ha, you have to be friended to see)

10. I'm different than I was when we last met. My eternal optimism has disappeared on a quest to find itself. If you see it, let the door hit its ass on the way out tell it I'll see it in a few years. In the meantime, if you ever had any doubts if you liked me, now's the time to skeedattle. I'm not gonna try to whine all the time or anything, but when I get back, I'll really be back – and I'll be calling them out like I see them, getting it out as I can. I tried recapturing the light & love, and it'll happen one day, I'm sure. In the meantime, I'm the kind of gal who lives in the present. I named my journal 'This Path' for a reason, and sometimes our paths take some unexpected twists and turns. Still part of the journey. I don't want no lip.

At least I'm still honest, right? With one notable exception, I've had that going for me for about ten years now.


That's me.
Firefly/Serenity: Big Damn Heroes

I Know Shepherd Book's Secret!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you! Ok, so this is technically hearsay, but I heard it from a guy who supposedly heard it from Joss Whedon himself. I liked the guy, and the theory makes sense, so I choose to believe it.

Did you notice I got my hair cut? Actually, Tina, Lyz, & I all went to get our hair cut right after everything happened with mom. We made it a sister salon day, a healing venture. Mom paid.

My hair dresser was awesome. Come to find out, he's a big gamer (knows my cousin, too), loves Firefly, and often visits conventions. Apparently at one such convention, the Firefly crew was there. Joss was supposed to be, but something happened and he couldn't make it. Nathan Fillion (Mal, for the uninitiated) whipped out his cell phone and says, “Well let's just call him, shall we?”

Since he didn't make the appearance, Joss agreed to answer some questions from the audience. He wouldn't spill on Inara, but here's what's up with Book:

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Rumi: In the End

Hooray of the Day

I have fallen quite in love with ljsecret. I finally caught another submissions posts! It's been too long. I am stoked. I had a few saved up.

I always wished some of the sweet secrets could be posted for me. I think it happened recently. Seems like it might have been about me. If you come back, random person, I hope we can be friends. Your kindness cheered me considerably on a very bad day.

That's just so sweet. Whether it's me or not, it's pretty true that just an effort to reach out can really help people.

Mine aren't that nice.

Mwaa ha ha.