October 16th, 2008

I taste so good

Carnita Recipe

And also you other great folk who expressed interest in proper Mexican carnitas. I give you my family's recipe! Well...as close as I can remember it. As with many family recipes, I don't really have amounts. I eye-ball and taste-test it.

I think I will be making this tonight, because this stuff will clear up some damn sinuses.

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Yes, carnitas absolutely must (okay, imo) be served with, in addition to warmed flour tortillas and refried beans:

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There you have it, one of my favorite family meals.
Family: SisLove


We went hiking with our dear friend lahermite yesterday. Eden wanted to hike one more good time before the weather changed, so we made plans to go somewhere new, so we went to Max Patch. It's a lovely mountain right in lahermite's backyard, and also located on the Appalachian Trail.

Me and the girls were all under the weather, but the fresh air did us good. It was late when we arrived, so we caught sunset as we were hiking down the mountain. The autumn colors on the ripples of the mountains are just breathtaking.

If you mosey on over to her journal, lahermite left the picture post open just for all of us! You will get to see her and her critters as well as me and mine. You'll see me and Eden rolling down a mountain. (We didn't get that far.) You'll also see the same random stranger, and a really gorgeous cloud halo.


(Fake cut to Tracy's house)