November 10th, 2008

Family:  Ivy3

Ivy for President

Since, finally, I'm proud of my nation and this historic time in our government, I've been teaching my girls a little bit more about the President, elections, and the White House.

Ivy likes the White House. She's decided that she wants to be President. I told her that she'd have to study hard and go to college first, but she could be the President when she grows up. I asked her what she stood for: Would she make health-care affordable for everyone? (Yes) Would she protect everyone's rights? (Yes) Would she improve schools, but still let families like us homeschool? (Yes) Get us out of debt? (Yes)

I then asked if there's anything else she'd like her constituents to know. Ivy said, "Everybody likes pizza, so I'll give everyone pizza. But not stinky old pizza. We'll have fresh pizza."

So there you have it! Remember Ivy Mack in 2040!