December 15th, 2008

Stewart Not Your Monkey

Free Small Dogs - Respond QUICK or repost please

We just found two tiny dogs under our trailer. They are obviously housepets who were just let go. One has already pottied on the newspaper we laid down for him, so they appear house trained.

The male appears to be miniature doberman pincher, the female seems to be chihauhua.

They're very scared (they fell in a hole under our house & we just found them), but otherwise they seem to be sweet and good house pets. We already have a full family that includes four-leggeds, or we would keep them.

We REALLY need to find someone who will take these dogs. I'd prefer that they go together, since they are obvious friends, but at this point we just want to find loving homes so we can avoid calling animal control. Please feel free to cross-post this if you're not interested. We will keep them for 24 hours, but if no one claims them by tomorrow afternoon, we'll have to let the Humane Society take them.

These dogs are FREE. They have no tags, and we suspect they were abandoned, which is why we're giving them away instead of searching for their owners.

Thanks for your help! Feel free to contact me at if you're interested. We live in Leicester, NC, near the General Store.

((Interesting aside for my friends: We at first thought another animal had babies under there. I said, exasperated, "Why do all the neighborhood animals think this is the local birth house?" Josh was just silent a moment, then we both burst out laughing. It was a lovely shared moment.))

Edited update on puppies:

Hi! We've had several emails from people, so I'm sending the same info out to everyone. Please let us know if you're still interested in one or both of them. I've uploaded a picture, so you can see them on my flickr page here:

They're both scared, and the female seems to be the more aggressive one. The male just shakes. :( We tried soothing them, but they don't want us near them at this point. We've set them up a comfortable place in our shed with some food & a blanket, and we're trying to get them comfortable enough to let us come near. The male let us pet him before joined by the female, but she's growling and wanting us to keep our distance right now. She seems to be calming down a bit, since we left her some meat. It's perked her up.
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Found Dogs Update

I added a link to a picture and some info on my last LJ post.

I'd sure appreciate any prayers or energy for these two. They appear to be overly scared of Josh. The female growls quite a bit when he is around, but they let me get close without growling. I was really trying to soothe them, offering food & lots of Reiki. We think they were abused by a man. They're really terrified.

I'm afraid that might make it hard to find homes for them. Worse yet, I got an automated letter from our local freecycle mods, and apparently some people pose as rescues and specifically target multiples or litters to use in training for fighting dogs. I don't know how accurate that is, but I've checked out the profiles of everyone who's responded, and none of them have actual profiles with personal info or pictures. Only one or two of them was even a coherent response by intelligent pet owners (as in, nobody giving me *any* information, just "I'll take them"). *Sigh* I've contacted them all for more information. Makes it discouraging, because we really don't want to take them to a shelter. But they're scared to death and we can't very well keep them out in our shed.

Anyway, thanks for all your kindness and help as we try to find them loving homes!