February 7th, 2009

Blue Ridge Reiki Center


It had recently come to my attention that the Sapphire Reiki website is using my What is Reiki? article on the front page of their website.

While I'm quite proud of this article, I really do hate my work being stolen without credit. Or asking.

The website gave no email contact whatsoever that I could find, but I called the number of the practitioner and asked him to either link back to my site and properly credit me or to remove my article.

I don't know how long they've had it up, passing it as their content, but that really irks me. I've done a lot of work trying to educate people about Reiki and have been working on getting my own school off the ground. Also, as a writer, I expect to be paid for my work.

I give him a couple of days, then I contact my lawyer. Seem fair?

Edited because I'm not giving him a week.