February 17th, 2010


WonderSaga Wednesday

If you missed my introduction to this, or my reposted excerpt, you can find those here.

My first WSW is a shout out to all you wonderful folks who volunteered your names here or on Facebook. Since I've been working on the WonderSaga for a few years, some of the characters have switched around or evolved since then. I also had to change a few names when I realized I had the same one twice (or three or four times), so hopefully everyone is still represented.

I thought I would share my crew list, so you can see how 'your' character fits into the tale. I've bolded the ones that I know were named after people, but you may find some in there that I've simply forgotten about if it wasn't listed in that link. My family makes a few appearances as well, some of them more than once under various pseudonyms (my mom is all over this thing, for instance).

The book says there are 230 crew, but that's still kind of fluid at this point. I have the current count at 228, I think, but I may still have to add in a couple people to fill in roles as the first generation progresses. Some have character bios already, and some don't. If any of these characters catch your interest and you'd like to see a bio, let me know! I'll share those in future WonderSaga Wednesdays.

In addition to ISACC (International Space And Colonization Coalition) crew, politicos, and wealthy old folk who bought spots to retire among the stars, I also have five small tribes. Most were close to extinction &/or massive inbreeding, and so they were brought aboard as something of a tribal conservation move. The largest is the Swazi tribe, who are actually very wealthy & considered political heroes. Their King bought his way onto the ship. Because, let's face it, I really wanted a Swazi space king. There are also Sufis, but rather than being one whole tribe, they are actually a group of war refugees who individually applied for political asylum. The full tribes are the Jururei (Amazonian), Trancoso heh heh (Amazonian), and Ainja (Australian Aborigine).

People are listed in the order that they came to the ship. Children are listed by first name only, generally following their parents. Tribes are first name only, but their surname is their tribal name. Some folks don't have jobs yet, and those will be plugged in when I need them.

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