October 29th, 2012


NaNo 2012: The Dragon Alliance (take two) – Feedback wanted!

I'm leaving it off my writing filter for now, because I'm hoping maybe some fantasy readers (whether you write or not) might read the synopsis and be willing to give me some feedback. Be brutally honest! This year, I'm redoing my idea from last year, fleshing it out more, and working on an outline. I'm hoping to get a FULL first draft finished in November, to eventually clean up and ultimately publish. For really real. So, please feel free to give feedback now while the ideas are still rough. Let me know what sounds too cliché to even consider, what could potentially be cool if I pull it off, and what sounds awesome and you definitely want to see more of.


Magic was banned after The Dragon War, more than 1000 years ago. Prince Ravi of Judra wants a chance to restore magic to the world, but his mother – as well as every other leader of the known world – won't allow it. They fear the wrath of The Last Dragon, the one who banned magic, but the dragon hasn't been seen in centuries. Ravi decides to seek the dragon and either prove that she's long dead or ask for a chance to study the lost arts. To his surprise, he finds her very much alive. Draelia is willing to grant the prince's greatest desire...if Ravi will do the same for her. Ravi has a chance to live his dream, but is it worth the price?


First off: Horrible synopsis? I've gone through several attempts. I want to tell enough to get across the storyline, but there's way more to it than just that as well. I worry that it sounds too trite. I dunno.

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