February 1st, 2015

Dready Me

Starting Anew with Major Cull & Clean-Up

Hello, friends! Long time no see. I'm throwing my hat back into the LJ ring. I allowed FB to take over, and I've really come to dislike the entire FB culture. The 'like'-clicking, meme-sharing, troll-fighting environment is not good for me. I miss having a safe place to bare my heart and soul. I missing meaningful connections with my friends. I want that back. My sanity needs that back.

So even though livejournal has been officially pronounced dead, I'm going to flog this horse til it gets up and works for me. Gonna pretty much start completely over. I've already picked a new theme, consolidated/fixed tags (probably need more work there), and cleaned up my profile. Back when I first said I was returning, I 'nudged' everyone who hadn't posted in a year or more. Hopefully some returned. Most folks tell me they never plan to.

Since I'm starting anew, I'm going to do a major cull. If you are still here, let me know! A brief perusal through a few pages of f-list shows few personal journals, and most of those are cross-posts from DW or twitter. I guess I'll probably drop cross-post only journals too. If I remove someone and you're still here and want to stay, let me know! Since I've been talking about this for a few years now, I figure everyone who's gone is probably staying that way.

I will probably keep this journal much more tightly locked than before, after a few bad incidents with sketchy people. If you're here, please honor the locked posts. Do not share my personal stuff. You'd think that'd be common sense, but I've learned not.

If you know of active communities or friends that I should be involved with, let me know. I'm trying to swap FB for LJ pretty much entirely now.

Things that I plan to discuss here:

My farm
Steps toward self-sufficiency
My family
Goals & Accountability
Book Challenge & Book Reviews
Shamanic Journeying
Healthy Cooking/Recipes
Health & Fitness
Birth/Doula/AP/Breastfeeding Awareness & Education
Generally just sharing me & my path again