January 4th, 2017


Dear Chocolate Box Author,

Thank you for offering me a story in one of these amazing fandoms! I'm looking forward to anything you come up with, but this letter expands on my choices in case you'd like more specific ideas. I have a horrible time coming up with prompts, so seriously, please don't feel locked into these or believe these are the stories of my heart. I'm including some just because I know people like them. I am remarkably easy to please, so if none of these ideas/prompts call to you, feel free to write the fic of your heart and I will surely enjoy it.

I'm also Ahavah on AO3.

No Thank Yous/DNWs:

[Cut for potential trigger content]

  • Rape/Non-con

  • Mpreg

  • A/B/O

  • Mundane AUs

  • Abuse/Humiliation

  • Cannibalism

  • Scat/watersports/vomit/snot

  • Weddings

General likes &/or loves

  • I pretty much like most darker tropes not listed above. Violence, addiction, apocalypse/dystopia (LOVE those), mindfucks, etc. are all fine.

  • BDSM/kink (except humiliation)

  • Happy as well as horrible/tragic/OMGWTF endings

  • Gen, het, slash, ethical polyamory

  • Magic/supernatural

  • Porn! For a short fic exchange like this, no plot necessary unless you just want to

  • Crossovers/fusions (it helps if it's a fandom I'm familiar with – my AO3 lists some of them)

  • Crackfic

  • Casefic/Monster-of-the-week

Thanks for reading, and for considering writing a story for me!

-Fandom info listed under cut-

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Speed Reading For Beginners by James T. Rose

Speed Reading For Beginners: Learn How To Read 300% Faster in Less Than 24 Hours, by James T. Rose.

Speed Reading

Somebody read through/skimmed his own book far too quickly, because this is full of glaring typos and grammatical issues. Not sure where the editor was on this one. Judging by the length and quality, I assume this is yet another self-pub with no professional editing beforehand.

With that out of the way, I found the book mediocre at best. If you're a slow reader, perhaps this will be more helpful for you. I'm already a decent reader, and I got very little out of this. A huge chunk of the book was devoted to “how to skim”! I want to learn how to read & comprehend everything much faster, not how to skip it altogether. The best tip/realization I got was that I “regress” in my reading far too often, and I will now watch out for that. This ebook is filled with exercises he wants you to print out or hide portions of, which, if you read on a phone like myself, is impossible &/or impractical.

There are surely better books on the subject out there. I'm glad I got it for free, because it is not worth the kindle price (currently $2.99 for 48 pages!!!). I'm surprised by all of the 4- and 5-star ratings in its handful of reviews, which makes me further side-eye the author, tbph. I did not watch the free video that was linked, so I can't speak to that.
Stewart Not Your Monkey


Hello, friends!

Well, I have imported/backed up my livejournal to dreamwidth. I also have friends on dreamwidth now. *waves* I'll try to do an intro post soon.

Right now I'm testing to see if I managed to set up my crossposting settings correctly. Hopefully I did.

I look forward to getting to know everyone and to making new friends!