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December 3rd, 2017

Ask Me Anything -- Please!

My December Blogging Meme is looking kind of sparse if anyone would like to ask a question or give me a topic to write about this month. I would very appreciate it! You can leave more than one topic. I'm looking forward to sharing more with all of you.

After yesterday's topic on spirituality, I am eager to get back to my spiritual practices. I've decided to go to church again this morning. It's been a long while. It's also the big supermoon today, so I'm hoping to do a ceremony and maybe a shamanic journey tonight.

Yesterday was pretty cool. Maya was chosen from a lottery of school kids (one more positive for public school) and went on a Shop With a Deputy trip. Many of the sheriff's deputies and park rangers took a handful of kids out to Poplar Bluff yesterday for pizza and a $100 shopping spree! She got herself a bike that is too big for her and a couple of other toys. Apparently Josh's brother was also going to get her a bike and I'd forgotten he'd said that. I should have told them not to let her get one, so that's my fault, but she may be getting a second one anyway because I think Aaron has already bought them. Whoops. Still, it was a fun trip for her and a really awesome program.

I'm finally feeling like I've shaken this cold. I'm still coughing up yucky stuff in the morning, but I'm not really coughing for the rest of the day and my head has all cleared up, so I'm very grateful. I may try to see if my buddy can meet me for lunch after church. I only have one friend whom I get together and hang out with. I really wish I had more, but at least this friend – Faith – is super-awesome. Hope I get to see her again now that I'm feeling human again.

I don't think I ever did a NaNoWriMo wrap-up. I was an editing rebel, and I chose an editing-to-wordcount ratio of 40k at the end. I didn't really feel like I had done a full NaNo's worth of winning, especially since I freaked out about one chapter and got sick there at the end, so there was a whole week I didn't do anything. I still think my story sucks horribly in the middle, but I'm trying not to give up on it entirely. I hope to keep working on it and find a way to fix it.

Looking Forward To It

[personal profile] zhelana asked what I'm most looking forward to this month.

I'm actually quite the bah-humbug-y scrooge, but I guess I would have to say Christmas. I really enjoy Christmas day since we moved out here to Missouri. It used to be fairly hectic in NC, running from one house to the other as we worked in visiting everyone. Now, we just get up and have a leisurely day at home.

The kids always get up way too early, of course, but we let them play with anything in their stockings and any gifts that are left out unwrapped. That usually tides them over until Josh and I are ready to wake up. I've already given Josh his main present (a rather expensive pair of fjallraven pants), but I've got him a thing or two that he can unwrap on Christmas. Hopefully the kids will be happy with their gifts. I'm mainly looking forward to spending quality time together. And hopefully having some kind of awesome feast, although I haven't planned that far ahead yet.