Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
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LJ Etiquette

Okay guys, a couple questions/thoughts...

If you see one of your friends snarked somewhere, do you tell them? Is this a case or 'what they don't know won't hurt them' or 'better point that out, lest they be pissed you didn't tell them'? Does it only matter if it was an f-locked entry, so they can be aware that a "friend" is a viper?

Me personally, I want to know if I'm being snarked. Hell, I snark myself often, so I'll be impressed if it's done well. In fact, I'm fairly sure that I saw an entry about myself the very same day I joined mock_the_stupid. I almost commented, but what's the point? Wank only makes it worse. Still, most people have thinner skins than me. Would I upset someone more by pointing it out, or by remaining silent?

This isn't today, BTW, so don't go reading my f-list to see if you showed up somewhere. LOL This is something I noticed one day while I was peeking in randomly.

Also...lots of folks vent about their friends. I'm just curious - do you create a special filter that excludes those friends, or do you just let them see it & hope it works out? I don't vent about my friends here, I tend to do that to Josh. LOL No really, I usually talk it out with said friends whenever I'm calm enough to. I'll talk to them before I'll talk to others about it, and it usually peeves the shit out of me if I find I'm not given the same courtesy. I'd rather know what's being said about me than not.

Speaking of filters - since I have a bunch of new friends, I should really go over them again. I think most people miss my filter link I have.

* Writing: My stuff, I usually like thorough critiques if you're willing. I do enjoy those "this is perfect; you rock!" comments, but I more greatly prefer constructive criticism. Like I said, thick skin. Since lots of people (ha! sometimes) comment, I may not take every suggestion, but I'll consider them.

* Poetry: Kind of self-explanatory. Seldom-used.

* NaNoWriMo: For those fellow WriMos or the angelic friends who just want to stay on my ass as I attempt National Novel Writing Month

* Ladies Only: Not for men, but hopefully more Lady-power than ewww-gross-stuff. Also seldom-used.

* Reiki Masters: For people with Reiki III attunements only. This is my teaching-prep stuff. All regular reiki posts are public, or f-locked if it's sensitive.

* Shamanism: Where I share my shamanic journeys. I love feedback, but rarely get it. I'm also hoping for people who would be willing to do joint-ceremonies/journeys.

* Channeling: My mom was a channeler. I am (slowly) going through her channelings. This is more personal reflection than readings, as well as my own experiences.

* Music Exchange: Not started yet, but in the works. Read this post if you think you may be interested.

Let me know if you want on any of them!

Some other things you should know about my lj:

- I only use lj-cuts when many pictures are involved.

- I prefer mutual friending. Most of my lj is f-locked. I usually delete anyone who removed me. I'm a little OCD about keeping my numbers even/balanced. *blush* There's your secret for the day!

- I usually only add people who introduce themselves and ask to be added. I overlooked that for my LJ Idol friending-fun, but that's usually how I roll.

- I post on many different topics, but it doesn't bother me if you're not interested. Comment/contribute when you're interested. Just don't come in my house demanding cuts or filters. That irks me. And on that note...

- Feel free to unfriend me whenever you want, or ask me to take you off a filter if I've put you on one. I just usually prefer hearing it from you than commenting on yours for a few months before I realize you've unfriended me. I always say goodbye, but I don't make a big deal.

Thanks for coming along!
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