Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

An Exercise in Perspective

Since I started my livejournal back in 2005, there have been some misconceptions, insinuations, and outright accusations. I've decided to use this week's therealljidol topic as an opportunity to set the record straight.

Some of you seem to think I'm, if not an authority on one or two topics, at least fairly competent. You guys often come to me for advice, or just to hear my perspective on things. A few of you have even gone so far as to use words like “witty”, “brilliant”, and “amazingly kickass in every way”.

You told me I handled it well. You said I had strength, grace, and one of you even accused me of deserving respect. You said I've grown, that I've become a strong and vibrant young woman. You say I make you laugh, make you think, make you cry. You call me wonderful, a sweetie, dear friend.

You have named me family, even before you met me.

You said I was stronger than that, that everything would turn out all right, that I had things under control even though it felt like a maelstrom. You said I shined, that I emanated light and love. I was “a powerful, bright energy”, "a fountain of love”, and showed “amazing strength”.

You toss around words like adorable, lovely, beautiful...sexy!

I think maybe you think I'm someone else.
Tags: friends, gratitude, ljidol 5, love, me, mom, spirit
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