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Now that we have a phone, Josh has been calling me from work on his lunch break. I find this to be so incredibly sweet. It's a big sign of romance for him.

I had started a Josh post once, but it kind of got dropped and then melted into our wedding post. I've never given a really good inside look at Josh, though. That's because inside looks are hard to get with him. I knew the boy for about four years before we started having enough full conversations that I could call him my “friend”.

So I've decided to do something of a photo journal to show you how Josh – and our relationship – has grown and developed over the years. I hope you enjoy.

Here's how I knew him way back in the day. This is before we were ever dating. We were roommates at this point, circa 2000.

By day, Josh was the mild-mannered quiet guy in the corner:

By night, he's one sexy bitch who's startlingly more woman than I am:

Okay, okay, it was Halloween...but still.

This was more like our normal days:

Here's after we finally started dating, in 2001. For the past year, I'd had a project I called my Kissing Tree. That's a whole post in and of itself, but it took over a year and months of dating before Josh would finally give me a kissing photo. He was so darned shy back then:

Things stayed about the same until 2002, when we became pregnant. Here are pictures from our baby shower, March 1, 2003.

And with mom:

The two of us becoming parents the next day:

These became my two favorite pictures of him:

Josh and Eden have always, always, looked exactly alike:

By the time Ivy joined us in 2005, Josh was an old pro:

He's always been an excellent father:

He even got better at giving kisses in “public”. You just have to pounce before he realizes:

He'd make an excellent Simpson:

Through all the years, he has kept the same sense of humor and playful spirit:

My husband:

My Beloved.

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