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Keller Show – Asheville, NC 10/25/08

Keller played a special “Because You're Asheville” free street show. We headed for high ground and tried to cop a spot on a hill, so me and the girls could see. Eden met another little girl and played with her most of the time. Ivy was really excited, but she wouldn't nap and so she fell asleep after the first song.

It was an awesome show, except he ended it pretty abruptly. And no encore? From Keller? He was in the middle of Freaker by the Speaker and then he was just, “Okay, I'm done.” Hm. Surprising, but the rest of the show still rocked and had a nice vibe.

While we waited for Keller to take the stage, Eden made a lovely wreath chain. I was pretty proud:

She also hammed it up for the camera a little:

So did Dad & Ivy:

And Eden took an astoundingly flattering picture of me:

More funny faces:

And then Keller! I had just gotten my camera, and so I still haven't figured out all the functions. It's much more complicated than my last one! (It's most difficult, and only, feature was 'delete'.) So my pictures were kind of fuzzy. I'm going to have to work on that:

He opened with 'Baracuda', I believe.

I can never remember the set list (one day I'll take a notebook!), but we heard a lot of good ones. A Nirvana cover, several Grateful Dead, I think he played Mullet Cut, Portapotty, A Day That Never Was, and a new song. I was happy to hear any at all:

I really enjoy watching him switch between instruments. He'll play part, loop it, play another, loop it, play another, sing harmony, loop it, sing vocals...it's amazing watching him make music. Eden wanted to get up front and see him better before we left, so she and I wound our way to the front row. People were mostly cool about it. I doubt I would have gotten through without her.

Best pic of the show!

And thanks to everyone for their awesome manifestation! KW played Fire on the Mountain, kinda. I had a feeling it was coming, since he has a tendency to do a Scarlet Begonias -> Fire on the Mountain. I wish I'd recorded SB, which I love a lot, but I wanted to make sure I had enough room to catch Eden's song. He ended up doing a Fire/Freakshow, which was interesting. I liked it, but Josh didn't. I think he wanted more Fire on the Mtn, less Ani DiFranco. *chuckle*

So I have my first YouTube video!

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