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Mission 101 Update

x-posted to mission101

My last update for my mission101 list was about six weeks ago. I've knocked out a significant chunk compared to what I've accomplished the last two years.

A couple things I've accomplished already yet done again:

2. Saw Keller Williams again. I now have a picture post!

57. Paid library fines (an obscene amount)

New items accomplished:

3.Learn how to make a compost pile

27.Get both FlyLady dusters

28.Get blue FlyLady water bottle

33. Get a bed (lahermite gave us one, and we've finally got it completely set up!)

46.(Half of) Ordered Little House on the Prarie dvds (season 1)

48.Get a new digital camera

59.Pay off an outstanding debt (Eden's doctor bill)

27 / 101 words. 27% done!

I also still have several items in progress, and thanks to lahermite yet again, I now have a Goal Buddy. We are checking in each night to keep each other productive. That's exactly what I've been needing!

Stay tuned for monthly updates. May 30, 2009 is coming all too soon.

My full list can be found here.