Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh


I hope, more than anything else, that my children grow up in a household of love. And I hope they appreciate that as the treasure that it is.

I hope I can always be honest with them, and that they'll learn from my mistakes without having to repeat them.

I really hope they don't hurt others just to make themselves look better.

I hope they never let a boyfriend hit them.

I hope they never go unbecomingly crazy on account of some boy. If they do, I hope they find their grace real quickly.

I hope they never lose faith in themselves.

I hope they learn to value honor, and that their word will be respected with good reason.

I hope they won't fear me so much that coming to me with the truth would ever be something they had to think over.

I hope they have a firm handshake.

I hope they never put substances into their bodies that have absolutely no business being there.

And the other ones...well, I hope they'll pick a safe place and the right people to do them with.

I hope they'll learn responsibility and accountability from me and not the hard way.

I hope they never say they hate me.

I hope they can laugh at themselves.

I hope they recognize their own power, and laugh at anyone who says differently.

I hope they never have to watch me die slowly, or harshly.

But when the time comes, I hope at least one of them offers to be with me.

I hope I can show them power even then, and that they realize the best of me comes from their grandmother. I hope I can pass all that on to them.

I hope they do good things in the world.

I hope they're truly happy with their lives, and their parts in our family. I hope they honor our heritage and carry our stories, and that one day their children will carry theirs with pride and fondness.

I hope they follow their hearts and passions, and when it's over, I hope that they're well pleased.

This is my entry for Week 7 of therealljidol. If you enjoyed it, please remember me when the polls go up Friday. I am now in Tribe technophile. Thanks!
Tags: death, eden, family, ivy, life, ljidol 5, mom, spirit
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