Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Wanna Be Immortalized?

(I'm leaving this open instead of putting it on my NaNo filter, just cause I need a whole bunch of names and you guys are less likely to sue me than random people from my phone book)

In my generation ship, different habitats, structures, towns, etc. have been named after famous people. Those that weren't named to honor people were basically sold off to sponsors, kind of like NASCAR. heh heh. Now, Earth has taken an environmental turn since the nuclear holocaust, so you're more likely to have sponsors like Mount Wilford, named for mountain-loving Jerry Wilford of Wilford's Wool & Sheep Shearing, than you are to see Coca-Cola River or Adidas Bridge.

So, anyone want to be in my book? Have you always wanted to be a President or a Princess? Give me a real name (or pseudonym, I suppose) and you will be a landmark! Wanna be the futuristic scientist who isolated the enzyme that had turned cow's milk deadly to humans? Want to be one of the diseases that started killing people off after the holocaust? The person who cured one? Prime Minister? The first female Pope? The historic mayor of Helena, Montana, who turned that bustling metropolis into the new US Capital after DC was obliterated?

Give it to me, and you shall live forever.

Mwaa ha ha ha ha!
Tags: friends, fun, nanowrimo, squee, wondersaga, writing
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