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NaNo Help: Generation Ship Occupations

I'm leaving this off the filter so I can recruit nanowrimo help.

I've sent our solar system's first generation ship out into space, heading towards Alpha Centauri. They will be acting as an exploratory team as well, leaving their findings for the rest of humanity to eventually retrieve.

So this first ship has a higher scientific population, but it's also going to be a self-sufficient ship with three separate habitats (temperate, tropical rainforest, and taiga). I'm hoping you guys can help me determine what kinds of people absolutely have to be on the ship. I'm hoping to keep the initial population somewhere between 150-200 members, with genetic diversity helped via fertility banks.

The main space agency is ISACC, which is like a merger between NASA, ESA, RKA, and the military. A high percentage of crew is ISACC. Everyone is required to help outside their field to keep the ship running properly, so there's often some overlap. People with many proficiencies or artistic/cultural hobbies (music, dance, theatre, etc.) were preferred. Some folks get spaces due to sponsorship/political ties/cultural significance (for instance, a few people from the remaining royal families/native tribes/religious minorities/etc.) Crew comes from: Earth (much of which is still healing from nuclear holocaust), Luna (several colonies), L1 (the first satellite colony), and a few actually grew up on the ship, Akupara, which had to spend several decades proving self-sufficiency in orbit before it was okayed for departure.

Here's my current list of people on the ship. Please make suggestions (or corrections) if you have anything to add. Thanks for your help!


Second/Aerospace Engineer
Astronauts - 4
Systems Engineer:
    Communications Engineer
    Hardware Engineer
    Software Engineer
    Nuclear Engineer/physicist - 2
    Solar Engineer
    Electrical Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer
    Life Support Systems Engineer
    Waste Systems Engineer



Geneticists – 2
Family practitioner

Nurses – 2
Surgeons - 2
EMTs - 4
Holistic Healers -??
Biologists - 2


Farmers - ???
Zoo Keepers - 2
Butchers - 2
Horticulturalist/Grounds - 3
Botanists - 2


Social Administrator
Linguistic specialist
Museum Curator
Cooks/Chefs - 2
Ministers - ??
Teachers – 2

Kids - ??

Sponsors/Politicos/People of Cultural Significance - ??


Metalsmiths – 2?


Nov. 11th, 2008 02:36 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure either. LOL It's kind of high-tech meets SCA or something. They reverted back to as natural way as possible after Earth went to hell, but they had to make some crazy medical and technological advances to survive.

I figure part of the farm work would include sheep shearing and spinning yarn. I don't actually know all that much about creating cloth though. I figured there were machines to make most cloths, and weavers and knitters and the like who would use plain yarn. Let me know if I'm off base, or overlooking something entirely! Thanks!
Nov. 12th, 2008 09:09 am (UTC)
As with most things, I have just enough knowledge to make me dangerous. ;p Meaning I can get myself into trouble. haha
Anyone can learn to card, spin and knit, but that would be rough stuff. So, if you've got the machines to make the cloth, then you're good to go. ;)