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My Kids Are SO Big!

I couldn't possibly be prouder of Ivy!

(This is a great post for the unschooling nay-sayers to pay attention to.)

Ivy's only three years old, and she just tried to write her first word! She said, "I'm making a present for you. Don't look." After a minute, she got kind of mad and said, "Oh, I can't spell Eden!" I wasn't thinking much of it, but I spelled it for her, and then she goes, "Mommy, look!"

She didn't spell it quite right, but she has a really clear E and D...then an upside-down little e that became a big row of Os. But hey, she's writing letters all on her own!

And just to mark it for posterity: Eden is big, too. She and I are sharing socks now. (Yes, she's still only five...and I have Peggy Hill feet. My baby's so big.)
Tags: eden, ivy, parenting, unschooling
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