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NYC Trip – Dec 3: Equus

Equus was awesome. I loved it! Very dark and bizarre, but then, so am I. We saw the Wednesday matinee. We both kind of thought that it got off to a slow start, but eventually the actors found their stride. Our seats were pretty darn awesome. We were right in the middle of the orchestra section, smack dab in front of the stage. It was smaller than I expected, too, so even though we were in row K (ten rows back), we were so close to the stage. This was important to me, since I'm pretty short. Not as short as some, though...but more on that later. The point is, I had a great view.

For those of you for whom this is the most pressing question: Yes, we saw Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe's willy, and it's respectable. He has himself a nice little body. My personal favorite was his ass, and right above it, where it meets his back... Sorry, I think I had a Wash moment, but it was very yummy.

I was mostly astounded by the amount of control he had over his body. It was amusing, because he came out at first all shirtless and in jeans, and he spun around looking at all the wire-headed horses, and I could see that he was totally flexing quite a bit as he turned this way and that. Oh, Danny, you're so darned cute! But really, he just had amazing physical control in the way he used his muscles, the way he moved, and the way he used his body to convey the growth/moods of his character. There was a hypnotism scene where this really showed, and you could see him clenching in anxiety and very slowly loosening into his trance-like state, then immediately jazzed up and bouncing off the walls as he shows Dr. Dysart (Richard “Don't fucking call me Uncle Vernon” Griffiths) what happened the night he blinded six horses.

Richard Griffiths really carried that show, I won't lie. We went to see Daniel Radcliffe, but it was Griffiths who really knocked our socks off. And once we got to reading the play bill, we realized that Kate “Captain Janeway” Mulgrew was in the play! Neither one of us knew that ahead of time. Even her performance, like Daniel's, started off a little slow, but both improved as the show went on. We have decided that Kate Mulgrew just exudes sexuality wherever she goes. It was kind of hot, even though we thought she and Daniel/Alan Strang's mom (her name escaped me right now) were over acting. I kind of think that was a directorial flub, to be honest, because Kate has a stage presence like she's never really “off”, so I think the director made some of their acting choices that left us unimpressed. But yeah, most of that floundering was in the beginning, and the play was so awesome that we were drawn into it pretty well. That is until...

Okay, during the first part some rude ass left their cell phone on. (Why do these people not listen to the repeated pleading/threats of the ushers, security, and the intercom speaker lady?) The actors pushed through it, even though it was pretty obvious that it put them off a bit just like it did for the audience. I mean, this is a nice, intimate theater, and it stopped the stride. The person cut it off quickly though. Then the VERY BEST part of the play came in Act 2, courtesy of the completely awesome Richard Griffiths. Someone else left their cell on after intermission (and five minutes worth of “Turn off all pagers and cell phone” announcements). This one was louder, musical, and completely and totally disruptive – and it just happened to fall at a moment where Griffiths was gazing out into the audience, thinking a moment before he turned to address Alan again. This time, he waited for the person to quiet their cell. They didn't. It rang again, and Griffiths turned his head just a bit so that he was gazing right out towards the person. It rang a good three or four times, one of those awful jingley-songs, and Griffiths just stood there, glaring out at them like, “Hurry it up, asshole; I'll wait.” We wanted to just burst into applause. It was one of those big awkward waits, and I would have hated being the person on the receiving end of that glare, even if I was hidden in shadow. I stole a glance at Radcliffe, and he looked like he was trying not to grin. It was awesome.

The hottest parts of the play, in my opinion, were not the scenes between Alan & his psuedo-love-interest Jill, but between Alan & his favorite horse, Nugget. Watching Daniel rub and hug all over Lorenzo Pisoni in a body suit was more compelling than the sex scene between Daniel and Anna Camp. In fact, Steph and I thought they really didn't have much chemistry together...and this led her to suggest that the Tribbiani Theorem might apply here, and perhaps the costars are banging. I don't know, but I thought Camp was actually the weakest in the play. I wasn't impressed with her.

We learned that to catch autographs, you had to wait outside the door – but only after the night performance. We'd hit a matinee, so we went to dinner and then bopped over to Strawberry Fields for me before heading back to catch the cast as they came out around 10:45. We headed back to town with plenty of time to spare, and it's a good thing, too! As we came up out of the subway near Times Square, we got swept up in an honest-to-goodness mob! Apparently they had the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, nearly every side road to our hotel & the theatre was blocked off, and we were stuck in throngs of actual thousands of people, just being swept away where it took us since the cops wouldn't let us escape. I understood how that poor fellow got trampled at Walmart, because I literally could not stop even when I tried. There was a kid on one side of me, and that made me nervous. I nearly got into a fight with a hootchie on the other side. Finally we ducked into a corner with a friendly policeman who was also trying to hide.

After much searching – and inadvertently seeing that damned tree, which I'm pretty sure is several blocks in the opposite direction from our hotel – we finally found a Starbucks to tuck into and call our families, who had expected to hear from us about an hour or hour and a half earlier. We managed to wait out the rest of the craziness and make it to the theatre on time.

We were so, so close! We were behind like the first two people who got Daniel's autograph, and they moved so we could pop up, but then he just kept moving down the line. Since they separated us in the 'pens' with ticket holders in one pen and random teenage fangirls in the other, we thought we'd actually get an autograph. There was a small crowd, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. Still, I was right there next to him asking, “Sign these, please!” and he passed us on by. Two hours in a mob, Daniel Radcliffe! Poor Steph looked so heartbroken. Hearing her rage against the little hobbit boy (for he is a wee, wee little man) was amusing, but not really until much later. I promised I'd get his autograph one way or another, which I think helped convince Josh to go back up with me a couple days later.

Richard Griffiths came out and we got his autograph, though. He really was a bit of an ass, but he was friendly to me so I got all fan-gushy. I do that, you know. (Hell, I thought me & Bob Weir had a 'moment' when he looked at me from the stage. Richard Griffiths actually chatted with me!) He upset the little fangirls, refusing to sign their Harry Potter books because “I'm not here for Harry Potter, sorry.” I kind of respected him for that, but I also see why poor Dan just signs anything they hand him. I chatted him up and told him how awesome I thought he was at the matinee, and we had a little conversation, so that part helped assuage my Daniel heartbreak.

Sadly, my successful mission happened without lessthan90sheep, but when I told her Josh actually agreed to go back, she overnighted her playbill to our hotel so I could get her an autograph. I had a good plan too, for now I realized that only the front people get autographs. I heard he was sick Saturday, and it had also started snowing, so I was afraid maybe he wouldn't sign at all. I was one of the first people there in the pen, before the play even let out. I copped a squat in the middle front, where I could cling to the rail without being pushed back when they moved it up to the doorway. I did not fail!

I'll admit, I kind of set it up, too. I'd heard the first time, when some poor chick brought five huge Harry Potter posters, and the door guy was just like, “You can only ask him to sign one thing, you know.” I was willing to come back two nights in a row, but I was really hoping I could just get him to sign mine and Steph's. I mean, I love Steph, but it was two New York trips, a mob, and snow by now, and I flat-out told Josh I refused to leave the city without this boy's autograph for the both of us. So when I heard he was sick, and he came my way to sign, I told him, “Oh, thank you so much for doing this! You have no idea how hard it's been trying to get your autograph.” He laughed a little and did the 'no problem' thing, so I mentioned how we'd actually come up for the Wednesday matinee and had thought it was really great.

He thanked me and started to move on, but I asked him to sign Steph's too. He was apologetic and said, “I'm sorry, but they'll only let me sign one each.” I had really expected success, though, and I guess I had a look on my face that again conveyed that, “A fucking mob, Daniel Radcliffe!” sentiment. Aloud, I said, “Oh please! My friend Stephanie had to go back to Arkansas.” He was sweet about it and went ahead and signed them both. I was so relieved, I showered him with very fervent thanks. I think he's double-sweet, because the crowds and the ass-kissing seemed to make him uncomfortable, but he was pretty chill when we were just chatting. I really do think I underestimated him previously as both an actor and a famous young person, so I'm really going to enjoy seeing how his career turns after HP is all over and done with.

I hung out and also got my picture taken with Richard Griffiths this time. That was cool. I appreciated his willingness to do that, although I wish I'd taken the time to dress up a bit before the second attempt. Oh well. This adventure also allowed me to catch that dance battle I'd wanted oh-so-badly ever since stepping foot in the city! So subway breakdance fun, Dan's autographs (both!), and a picture with RG. All in all, a very fun and worthwhile trip.

On our way in to the play: Dec 3 matinee.

The stage before the picture harpies descended upon us. Those are the horse heads, though it's a bit fuzzy to tell.

I'm happy after the play.

Steph's pretty happy after the play.

Daniel Radcliffe passing us by on our first attempt to get his autograph.

Richard Griffths signing Steph's playbill for her. At least we were partially successful!

Daniel Radcliffe, heading my way on attempt #2. I got better shots this time. (I also ask before flashing away, and stars enjoy that bit of compassion.)

Daniel Radcliffe, signing my play bill.

Pic of him signing Steph's playbill. Oh look, we're holding hands. :P

I got Steph's playbill signed for her!

Richard Griffiths & me.

Richard Griffths & me again.
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