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Unschooling Thoughts & Twitter

Here's a great unschooling article from Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog. At this point, I don't think homeschoolers have anything to fear legally as we switch to a new administration - at least not on a federal level. It's really the states who decide the individual homeschooling requirements anyway. I'm quite pleased with NC's laws, which are some of the best in the country. I don't see it getting any worse as North Carolina finally moves into Democratic majority. It's still important that we stay aware, and make sure homeschooling rights are protected everywhere. That 'No Child Left Behind' crap really screwed over a bunch of kids, and not just in public school systems. At any rate, it's a good article and some of the comments are pretty thought provoking as well.

I found that via Califmom on Twitter. I'm not gonna lie, what little I first saw of Twitter kind of annoyed me. Maybe just because I saw it all over LJ. After finally checking it out and joining up though, I think it's become one of my favorite sites! I've found so many awesome links like the one above, and have been rolling in the new homeschooling/doula/reiki/flybaby friends. I get the most Flybaby support from there, actually. I also found out about Mumbai, that poor bloke from Walmart, Bettie Page, the awful Motrin ad, God's Facebook, & an accident on Patton Ave. that saved me very important time by going the backroads - all heard first on Twitter.
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