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Administrative Notes

Found Dogs Update:

After keeping them two days, we began to notice some medical problems that needed dealt with. I emailed back everyone who contacted me, apologizing for wasting their time and explaining why we didn't feel it was in good conscience to give them out on a free site. None of the rescues would help us, so we ended up taking them (just about an hour ago) to the Humane Society. They were our last option, due to their use of euthanasia, but they are professionals who promised to give them medical care, work on the female's aggression, and try to make them placeable. The first 72 hours will be care only, and then they'll try to place them. They say the male should find a home quickly, as sweet as he is, and the female should be easy to place if they can get her over her aggression.

Thanks for all your help and prayers! I feel much better knowing professionals are taking care of these pups.

Also, if you just happen to be coming by from my email sig link - stop getting pissy that I won't give you the dogs. We have their best interests at heart. When you take it personally and cop a tude, it makes us all the more certain that you do not.

LiveJournal/Cyberworld Update:

I've found old "friends" and contacts dating from over ten years ago. I'm carrying around years-old emails from ex-boyfriends and ex-crushes. This weekend I am doing a TOTAL cyber clear out. If I haven't heard from you recently (oh, say since my personal shit began hitting the fan), then I will be removing you from my cyber life.

If you really want to stay, let me know. It's all cool.

{Also, since it's come up: If you're one of the somehow innumerable friends who are either getting married or have a mother in dire condition, I hope you know that I love you and am squeeing/praying for you as appropriate. I still find it hard to find words, so I haven't really been commenting. That's not because I don't care; it's because I care too much.}

Anyways, I'm letting it all go. It's nothing personal at all. I've realized I'm carrying around massive cyber baggage and it will all be culled...

Real World Update:

...in anticipation of a very important releasing & healing ceremony I have planned for my mom's birthday. I've gotten steadily worse, and I'm going to reclaim control of my life.

If I disappear, it's only til I feel better. I considered scrapping everything and starting new, but I just shelled out a pretty penny to get a permanent account. So yeah, I'm here permanently. Breaks are good though. We'll see how it goes.

So if I seem irky, callous, or have dropped you from IM or networking sites and broken your heart, I'm awfully sorry. I'm just trying to give myself a fresh start for the new year.

As always, if you want to leave first, feel free. I know I suck lately.
Tags: grief, healing, lj
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