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Winter Solstice Ceremony

As mentioned in my earlier post, we taught the girls about Winter Solstice this year. Since I already told you my plans, I'll just share this as a picture post! This is actually the first big ceremony that we all held together as a family. (Josh isn't usually the ceremonying type.)

We started by taking a piece of paper, cutting it into fourths, and 'writing out the darkness' of this year that we wanted to offer to the fire. The girls immediately got sad about Boo Boo, and I reminded them of our healing ceremony at her house and said that now we can throw all that sadness in the fire if we wanted. Then we took the papers outside to the fire, and they were excited to stay up late and get to go outside for this.

Getting it out:

Ivy's more than ready to get it out.

I drew mine, too.

Josh wrote his.

It's cold outside!

Good thing we have a comfy fire.

Releasing it to the fire.

Daddy had to help with the releasing.

Josh lets go.

I let Achaiah get in on mine with a paw print. She loved mom, too, and it was awfully hard on her not knowing what was going on.

Giving thanks, too.

Letting the fire take it.

The girls say a blessing.

Then we roast marshmallows!

Starting out on a sweet note.

Now with more Josh.



Continuing my quest to improve the self pics. Mom made that hat, and we had her salmon for dinner, too.


Also pretty!

Much clearer now, wouldn't you say?

Ivy says, "Get a picture of my marshmallow mouth!"

Happy Solstice!


Dec. 23rd, 2008 05:49 pm (UTC)
I'm going to try some of these new prosperity traditions. I like the coin thing, too. Ooh, and wouldn't you know, I believe I have just one half dollar running around here somewhere.

I like cabbage and Josh likes pork chops, so maybe we'll try that one over collards. I don't like my Chinese place's pork fried rice. :P

Thank you! You even think Ivy looks like Josh? He hasn't gotten that one before.

Please feel free to ask or jump in anytime. I know I haven't been my most coherent on this topic. You can look back over my mom or death tags, too, if you want. (Not that you'd necessarily want...quite a downer given this time of year. lol) We only have one video that I found of my mom, but we have lots of pictures. I'm going to try to make everyone a scrapbook when I feel up to it. My girls were about that same age. I know Eden will remember her, but I worry about Ivy. I'm trying to do my best to see that she does.

Achaiah and my mom were friends too, and Achaiah and I have always had something of an unnatural bond. I'm pretty sure she knew, to an extent, what was happening. She went a bit crazy when I finally came home from the hospital, and I know she could feel all the sadness. She needed a way to grieve and let go, too. She didn't give us much choice, though. She just pushed her way out the door and jumped right in. :)
Dec. 23rd, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
We've held "funerals" for deceased kitties, and my other cats have joined the circle too. They just walk right in and sit down in the middle and let our meows! It's amazing....cute, funny, cool and amazing! They do understand at their own level and need to be comforted as well. P.