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I'm cross-posting this from night_court. This is a Kushiel's Legacy sorting community, where you fill out an application and the members vote for which House you would belong to in the Court of Night Blooming Flowers. I decided to go ahead and cross-post it here, since it occurred to me that my answers on the application really cut to the meat of who I Am. So for those of you that care to know me better, I thought I'd share.

If you haven't read Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series, do so immediately - beginning with Kushiel's Dart. You can also read the abridged run-down that I gave my friend kerynde in the comments section here.

The Basics -

1. Name: Ahavah, online at least

2. Age: 24

3. Gender (answer however the hell you want): Goddess Female

The Books -

4. Who is your favorite character in the Terre D’Ange trilogy? Honestly, the questions on this application are hard! LOL It's never quite black-and-white for me. I'm not sure I have a favorite, and sometimes it depends on the mood I'm in when I'm rereading. That said, I've always been fond of Hyacinthe and Ysandre. Also, I believe that Drustan is beyond cool.

5. Who is your least favorite character in the trilogy? Again, tough choice. [SPOILER REMOVED HERE] comes to mind, but I'm not entirely sure that's [SPOILER'S] fault. I feel [SPOILER'S] switcheroo was more for plot point than based on [SPOILER REMOVED] character. I mean, I can believe that [HERE] might back Lyonette because [HERE] was hot for her, and [HERE] truly did want to see the throne secure for the people. But I have a hard time believing that [YUP-HERE, TOO] would assist with the whole Skaldi/Melisande thing purely due to blackmail - especially given [UH-HUH] words to Ysandre [AND HERE - NEENER NEENER], which I would so like to believe in. And I also wasn't pleased with Eamonn's characterization.

6. Which character do you identify most with? Another toughy --- Maybe Lodur the One-eyed? Oh, the stupid things we do in our humanity, while striving for godliness. :D Or maybe Ysandre - holding fast to romantic dreams, while still chained to higher responsibilities. And yet, she never doubted and held true to her path.

7. Which of the books is your favorite? Maybe Dart, if only because I became totally wrapped up in the universe through that one. And more care-free Hyacinthe, which apparently a lot of people abhor, but I just loved him.

8. If you could visit any of the countries as they are described in the books, which would you visit? Terre d'Ange

9. If you were not an adept, what role/job do you think you’d have in the Terre D’Ange universe? Well, my main character in my Night Court RPG {geek alert} is pretty much everything I wish I could be in Terre d'Ange - Princess of the Blood, Sovereign Duchese of Eisande, and successful trader. Now, if we were just talking about lil ol me as-is, then it may be different. I would be writing, no matter which path I dedicated myself to, but I would likely have been a midwife, priestess, or healer by profession. If I couldn't fenangle myself onto the throne.

Personality -

10. What do you think are one or two of your best personality traits? My honesty and my faith, both in a higher power and just general optimism. Also, I am able to listen in confidence, which is apparently a dying art form.

11. What do you think is your worst personality trait? Lack of patience, but I'm getting better. I can also be lazy/unmotivated and occassionally self-righteous, but only when I'm in the right! ;)

12. What qualities do you value in a friend? Humor, compassion, open-minded, honesty, loyalty.

13. What is the worst quality you believe a person can possess? Dishonesty. Also, I really hate the people who revel in their ignorance and make no move to educate themselves.

14. Go to this site and take the quiz. What character did you get? Do you think this is a good fit? You are Ysandre. Wise and fair, mild yet determined, there is steel within you yet, Ysandre De La Courcel. No stranger to treachery of the heart, you can cling to a girl's image of love even as you stand your ground with a woman's strength in a conflict. Your first and most powerful love is the land and spirit of Terre D'Ange. Love as thou wilt. Eula follows you wherever you go.

I've taken this twice before and gotten Ysandre first & Phedre second. Perhaps I walk a fine line between the two? But yeah, I guess it's fairly applicable.

15. Go to this site and take the quiz. What house did you get? Do you think this is a good fit? You belong in House Orchis. You think the main purpose in life is to find joy, you enjoy things that are funny and make you laugh. Your motto is "Joy in laughter."

Well, I'm not too surprised. One of my other characters is an Orchis adept. :P But as to how joy and laughter can apply in the boudoir, that is something I'm just now learning. It's taken a long term relationship and kids to get to the point where it didn't have to be all serious & drama or romantic onetrueloveoursoulsaremeantforeachotheralways all the time.

16. Describe your perfect date. That kind of depends on who I'm with and whether we've been out before. For a first date with someone, I would want to go to a concert, movie, or show, with dinner afterwards. This is because I'm horrible at small talk and I need a built in something-to-muse-on-over-dinner ploy.

If it was just the next date with me and my Beloved, then honestly, the perfect date would just be my mom taking both kids for a day. Josh and I would likely spend it at our house all very very alone. We have not had that luxury in way too long.

Sex -

17. What qualities do you value in a lover? Sense of humor, good communication, willingness to try new things, tact, a bit of dominance, although I like a certain amount of chivalry as well, and, um, nimble fingers. And for the most part, I like actual love to be involved. I had a friend-with-benefits before, and I really didn't dig the way that went down. Don't get me wrong, I'd do it again with a friend I really trusted if it came to that, but that wouldn't be my preference.

18. Describe your sexual style. Ugh. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I honestly think I suck. When I first started having sex, I was totally the shit. Of course, my first love was a virgin as well, so it was all pretty much the shit. But really, I could benefit from having had a decade of formal training in the Night Court. You know, moves. Anybody watch Friends and remember fat Monica & Chandler hooking up? ~ Yeah, hi, nice to meet you. *blush* OK, it's not quite that bad, but you get the idea. Things have been improving since we had our second baby, because of my Quest to spice things up (see below), but I still can't help thinking that I'm reaping a lot of rewards without contributing nearly as much as I could be, say, when I'm all tied up and can't move.

19. What are your feelings about BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, and masochism)? Well first of all I feel very stupid for not thinking of it all on my own. But after a kind friend pointed me towards some resources on the subject, I now think it is pure ambrosia. I suppose I'm a switch, although I am in the process of discovering my submissive side with my sweetheart. Tie me up, flog me, and make me a slut.

20. In which three houses do you think you’d best fit? This is the one that gives me the hardest time. I could easily thrive in about half a dozen of them. I was discussing this with fierceawakening yesterday, I think. Valerian would seem to be very apt for me now, but not really in the fostered-there type sense. I was a very bookish, emotional child that needed a lot of love and encouragement. But with my step-dad, I did grow up in a house with forced submission, humiliation, and pain. I've only recently been healed enough to be able to willfully submit myself to someone, and it was a very difficult journey for me. Eglantine was the next 'natural choice', as I discovered writing early and haven't stopped yet. But writing is probably about the only thing I'm good at, creatively speaking. (And sometimes that is questionable, as well). So it depends on if we're sorting who we are now, or more the 'where would you have thrived if this was your universe and life' sense of things.

So with that in mind, I would probably say either Orchis, Gentian, or Balm.

21. In which two houses do you think you would not fit? Bryony - I suck at numbers, although I'd probably benefit from patronizing them - and probably Cereus.

22. Which house would you patronize, given a choice? Well, as I said, I'm a bit of a n00b as far as BDSM goes. I've really been craving some harsher fun, but my honey's not there yet. So I might book my ass to Mandrake. But I have had a bit of that and the promise of more to come, so I'd probably have to save up and hit both Gentian and Jasmine.

23. What character from the books would you want to date/screw silly/have screw you silly and why? Probably Hyacinthe, cause I just think he's hot, although Phedre could probably teach me more. And I do have to admit to having a bit of a crush on both Grainne and Drustan. Apparently I dig barbarians.

24. Describe yourself physically (hair color, eye color, height, any distinguishing characteristics). Feel free to include one safe for work picture. It can be provocative, but no nudity. Short - 5'3", chubby but improving (two kids does that to you), dark brown hair that comes just past my shoulders, brown eyes, and I have a big nose but a tiny mouth.

This pic is slightly old, but the only recent ones I have up aren't work safe. ;)

Slightly old pic from December

25. Tell us anything else you think might be important. I have several passions that drive my life. My faith is very important to me. I'm Christian, but I consider myself to be a student of all paths. I believe that all paths lead to the same Truth, and there are so many different religions because different things work for different people. I go to a Unity church, which is not the same as Unitarian Universalist. I have served as both a chaplain and board member. I'm a Medicine Reiki Master, and my Reiki path has become a major part of my existence here on earth. I've also began studying what I can of the Medicine Ways, including working with my totems and learning about shamanic journeying. I've always been aware of Spirit at work in my life ~ I pray religiously (har har, come on...), I've seen auras, spirits, had dreams that come true, people come to me to either listen or sometimes to give intuitive counsel, which usually seems well received, all those good yummy things that bring the Divine into daily mindfulness.

I'm also a birth doula. My journey to motherhood was powerful and amazing, especially because I made it so. Pregnancy and birth are amazingly sensual, powerful, and miraculous, and I wish all women realized that. I desperately wish that women grew up knowing their magnificent power, and that they trusted their bodies to bring forth life - not viewing it as an illness that must be monitored and managed.

I'm also a sucker for great jam-bands, my favorite color is silver, and my favorite author is Orson Scott Card. I believe those things tell a lot about a person.

Love as thou wilt

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