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Merry Christmas!

I got pearl earrings, which I think is my first Xmas jewelry as well as my first pearls! I'm very excited. I've always wanted some pearls. Josh is such a sweetie. He even said he looked for black pearls, which are my favorites, but he was not happy with the ones he saw. That's okay; I'm happy with the ones I got!

Steph is a sweetie, too! She is weetastic to the extreme. Not only did she get me Keller Williams, she got me KW's Stage. I've wanted that for so long! Two discs, baby, and both live. Hooray!

My family is currently lost to me. Somewhere along the way, Santa snuck in a Guitar Hero game. Josh is supposed to be teaching Eden, but I haven't seen her get to touch it yet. :P Ivy is eating her healthy Christmas apple from the comfy seat of her very own Jeep.

Pictures later.

I hope your seasonal holiday of choice was spectacular!

Edited: because, hey, I didn't know both disks were live. Awesome.
Tags: family, friends, holidays

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