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This Path Spotlight

Here are some of my favorite communities - Check them out.

Feel free to let me know some of yours.

dailyrumi - A daily dose of spiritual juiciness in ecstatic poetry form.

ljsecret - It's like postsecret, but daily instead of weekly, and with sixty secrets instead of twenty.

unsentletters - Very cathartic. I wish I'd realized that was an option long ago in my angsty-pen-wielding days.

gimp_tutorial - I was grateful to discover that The GIMP offered a free Photoshop alternative, and this comm has been invaluable as I try to learn how to make real icons.

snarky_haiku, _haiku_, & ljhaikuidol - Why isn't haiku more celebrated? It is a beautiful art.

therealljidol - I feel bad that I haven't really been participating in the Green Room for the last couple weeks, which is a friendly place where everyone hangs out and chats and makes new friends. Even without that cool experience, the amount of awesome writers I've discovered, and seeing how different writers make that week's topic theirs, is a lot of fun.
Tags: communities, icons, poetry, rumi, secrets, teaching, writing

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