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Let's Hear it for Orgasms! -- And other goodies from Ina May

Over the weekend, I was blessed to be able to attend one of Ina May Gaskin's presentations at the Le Leche League conference. Ina May’s discussed The Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding, although it was heavier on the birthing practices than on the breastfeeding. (After all, most of us birth professionals realize the negative impact interventions have on breastfeeding…she was pretty much speaking to the choir).

Yes, epidurals negatively impact breastfeeding. Learn! Yes, use of forceps and vacuum extractions negatively impact breastfeeding. Learn! Yes, episiotomies negatively impact breastfeeding. And of course cesareans do! Learn!

Ina May discussed techniques that can help the laboring mother avoid these things, such as: remaining upright, dancing, SMILING (“Making your mouth bigger makes the vagina bigger!”), birth statues and similar focal points, and Continuous Labor Support.

Other Goodies:

Women need to know that birth can

be an orgasmic experience!

Why isn’t this in obstetrical textbooks? Or childbirth preparation books (excepting Ina May’s books….)? Why are women too shy to discuss this with each other? It happens more often than you’d think. It’s a good thing! Our vaginas are sexual organs. We have sex to make a baby. Labor and birth can be a sexual experience, AND THAT’S OK! (Preferable, if you ask me).

For All Women Who Fear A “BIG”


Everyone knows that men’s penises get BIGGER with arousal. It’s pretty obvious, visually speaking. Why don’t more people know that women’s vaginas can do the same thing? Your vagina was made to enlarge, whether to accommodate a big penis or a baby! It really does get bigger. Unless you’ve got rickets or had hip injuries, MOST WOMEN can (and should!) birth their ‘large’ babies vaginally. It’s OK! It’s what you’re made to do!

So embrace it, love it, and enjoy it.

Thanks, Ina May, for reminding us of what we should already know.

Ina May, Baby Ivy, and Me

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