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The fall from the top is long, and there are many sharp rocks at the bottom

I've been walking around like hot stuff ever since I learned that I'd defeated my third plateau, now weigh less than I have since having Eden, and am over half-way to my weight loss goal.

I'd never put much stock in the deadly sin theory; it just doesn't vibe with my personal philosophies. However, someone out there feels I exhibited a bit too much pride. Last night I was dealt a crushing lesson in humility.

"So when's your baby due?"

I blinked, because I was honestly dumbfounded to hear such a thing.

I struggled against my initial reaction, which was to flip the mouthy old lady off and say a hollow, "It's not."

It took all of my willpower to smile pleasantly and say - with pride (do I learn?) - "I just had a baby, actually" (nevermind that she's seven months old today) and chat pleasantly for ten excrutiatingly long minutes about names and birth weights. Then I escaped to the car and cried.
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