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I'm a little nervous about how I'm doing in this week's therealljidol poll. We're losing ten people this week. I was nervous last week, because it was eight and I really thought that was my weakest entry yet. I was actually pretty pleased with this one, and it seems to be sucking a lot harder than I expected. So if you liked my Coloring Outside the Lines post, please go cast your vote.

My new Kushiel RPG is finally off the ground, and I'm quite excited about it. Not everyone has submitted a character yet, but several folks have been talking to me about theirs. My buddies katrina_elissa and dominanefret are helping me moderate. And I spoke with Jacqueline Carey, and she's going to add our rpg to her website at the next monthly update! She's very awesome.

Also, my buddy lessthan90sheep and her hubby have asked me to collaborate on a project, and that has me really excited. Steph and I have collaborated before, but I'm double excited that her husband wants to. I'm always kind of afraid that the spouses (spice?) won't care for me when they meet me, and I know I was at my absolute worst when Scott met me. I am hoping I do a great job and don't ruin their hard work.

I'm just really glad to have some fiction projects again. It feels good to be creative.

I have been trying for days to catch a tiny paper dragon or a dinosaur. I've been like lightning, so I don't know how I can never ever catch one. I came close to a dinosaur egg but accidentally refreshed and caught an orange instead. Booger. I was so close, just clicked with the wrong finger! I bred a sweet little green thing, though. :) I'm musing over a few names for that one already.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Edited: Because the wicked awesome brightflashes gave me a golden egg! Adopt one today!
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