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My computer died on me today. Yes, my new one.

Luckily, after letting it cool for a while (it got mega-hot, and it almost never gets hot), I was able to do a recovery. I'm making my long overdue back-up cds now. I was scared into action on that one.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who looked at my post and voted for me in therealljidol. I made it through! I'm happy to learn it, although very sad at how many of my favorites didn't make it.

Does this mean we'll lose 12 this week? I shudder to think.

My dad is living in Asheville now. He's staying with Tina and will be looking for work here. I wish him luck. Josh hasn't had any yet. I'm glad we'll get to see him more often though.

Eden lost both front teeth one night after the other. She's excited. She's also decided she's putting the profits of that towards a trip to Hawaii. She and Ivy have decided that's our next vacation. I wish them the best of luck at it.

I'm excited about the inauguration tomorrow. If we don't miss it due to Ivy's doctor appointment, I plan on using it for a good homeschooling lesson. Maybe it's a good time to do the kids' healing ceremony that I was thinking of starting.

I'm glad my computer turns back on. I hope it stays. That makes three of us whom I know are battling this very issue right now. Crazy.

Care to click?

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