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I know people are tired of hearing it, but I for one am so happy to finally see a President that I helped elect take oath - and it's such a historic moment for our country!

I watched it with my girls, explaining why I was so happy. We had a talk about War, and a talk about what our United States are supposed to stand for. Liberty and Justice for All. How important that's supposed to be for our country, and how many - too many - people have seemed to forget those important concepts.

Today, I am so proud to be an American.

I don't think Obama is the Messiah or anything. In fact, after the incompetence of the last administration, I'm well aware that he'll have his hands full.

Still, I feel like President Obama did (squee!) when he finally let his grin loose before stepping up to the podium.

It's a good day for our country. I hope, I really hope, that it ripples through the world.
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