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I'm continuing my cyber clean-out. Soon I'll be hitting Facebook and LJ, and I'll be dropping anyone that I never really hear from anymore or anyone I just don't gel with anymore. If you'd like to leave first, please feel free. If I end up dropping you somewhere and you're not happy with that, don't hesitate to email me or something. Just doing internet maintenance.



Jan. 30th, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
No way, I'd like to keep you!

I got dropped by a bunch of people after losing LJ Idol. Folks I thought were friends, too. Eh. Not that much, if they don't even give you a heads up.

I've just been gaining more and more folks on different sites, and I'm spread thin. I'm in it for the relationships, so if I feel like there isn't one, I'd rather make room for them!