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Please Hold Ivy in Health, Prayer, Reiki, & Light

As I mentioned before, I'm very nervous about Ivy getting her shots. After doing some reading on the subject, I've learned that NC only gives exemptions for 'bona fide' religious beliefs. I haven't really had a chance to look into it as much as I would like, but for now, it looks like we need to continue with her shot series.

She's an appointment behind, so she'll actually be getting her second (4 month) dose of shots today. She's had one dose already.

So, I would like to ask everyone to hold her in prayer and affirm her perfect wholeness, health, and Divinity. See her accepting her shots with little-to-no pain and trauma, and absolutely NO side effects. See her happy, healthy, and Perfect.

Thank you so much! Our appointment is this morning. She did well with the first dose, and I fully expect her to do so with these. She's a strong baby.

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