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My Superbowl Wins

I'll admit: I couldn't care less about football. I'm into the Superbowl for one reason and one reason only – the commercials. We didn't even watch it last night. We watched movies and I caught up on the commercials this morning. (I love the glory of the internet.)

Here are my wins this year:

Bud Light – Conan O'Brien (The man out the window was pretty good, too.)

Pepsi – I'm Good I was really disappointed in Pepsi's commercials this year. Pepsi is my soda of choice, so I usually hold them to a higher standard. This one was on my hit-or-miss list, but the guy with the wire at the end really makes it. :)

Budweiser – Fetch Their other commercials were a bit weak, but this is what a Budweiser Clydesdale should be.

Denny's – Free Grand Slam This was cute. We may go to Denny's tomorrow, if the car looks up to it.

Bridgestone – Space This one was my favorite.

Coke – Avatar was pretty cute. I'd like to see that actually happen. I also enjoyed their “Heist” commercial. I usually don't like CGI.

Cash4Gold.com rocked.

Now, am I the only one who thought Denny's Nanapus looked like a low-budget version of the Oaty Bar?

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