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Bye Bye, Binky & other life ramblings

So the pacifier, aka 'Binky', disappeared this morning.

I grabbed it off the bedside table and gave it to Ivy this morning as I gave her to Josh and went to brush my teeth. He claims he never saw it.

In my infinite wisdom (and because we're broke and can't buy a replacement), I decide that she's better off without it anyway. After all, Ivy is seven months old now. Her sucking instinct should be waning. And I was just musing the other day how she rarely wants her binky anymore...

Until it's nap time. She can nurse to sleep, but doesn't want to let go. I used to pull the old switcheroo on her, but that was impossible today. She really likes the binky to fall asleep.

She slept very, very poorly today. It sucked, but I must stay firm.

In other news, I'm extremely excited. In about one more hour, it's going to be mine & Josh's very first anniversary. How can this be, with a three year old?

Josh and I never really 'officially' started dating. In the beginning, as they say, he was dating one of my best friends (no - it's not that!) and had been for several years. When I came back from school and needed a place, I moved in with them and they became something of a family to me.

Fast-forward a couple years, I have my own pathetic excuse for a place but their house is still the happening place for the gang to hang out. They break up and much drama ensues. Josh needs a place to crash, so I let him stay with me.

And then it's just kind of stayed that way (right at the beginning of my On My Own Single Revelry phase). Since our relationship sort of snuck up on us, we never actually had an anniversary.

The man has got off lightly for five years now. So we now have an anniversary: March 18. Yay!
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