Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

It's improving!

Wow, thank you guys for all the awesome energy! My back has improved so much so darn fast.

Josh went to the drugstore to get me a heating pad, and left me with a staff in case I had to hobble to the bathroom. I intended to do just that, and suddenly I was able to walk better again! I still had to use the staff, but I'm shuffling quite quickly now, and I can even walk around without it as long as I go carefully.

I felt so much better, I was even able to make the bed and fold up the laundry piled on the couch. Our laundry basket is actually full and sitting on the floor. I couldn't do those, because I still can't bend over to pick it up, but I got everything that was already sitting up on the couch.

Josh has returned with my heating pad, and it's really helping too. Still, after having such a hard time yesterday and an even worse time this morning, I did not expect such drastic improvement. I chalk it up to you all beaming greatness my way. Thanks so very much!
Tags: healing, life, me, reiki

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