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I've had the roughest year ever, and part of that roughness was the loss of my spiritual home. Both of them, really, if you count church and mom – and maybe I should. I've been slowly but surely getting back on track. However, I think it's time to take advantage of that 'wherever two or more gather' energy and get back on my spiritual track right now.

I've really only celebrated Lent once before, and that was years ago. (I 'gave up' cussing.) Mostly this round, I want to focus on my inner healing, like I imagine Jesus did during his forty day fast. I'm kind of a metaphysical Christian. I don't necessarily think Jesus was 'tempted by Satan'. I think everyone has their demons, and he faced his and overcame them and became a vehicle for the Christ spirit. So I want to face mine and overcome them, and hopefully get more aligned with the Christ spirit.

An interesting thing about Lent that I only learned last year, or perhaps it was the year before, was that the Sundays during Lent don't actually count. They're feast days. This awareness may help me stick with my own program for forty days, knowing that you're actually supposed to have a day of respite and celebration each week.

As part of my fitfriends community, I've been making goals to focus on each week and have slowly been integrating more healthy habits into my life. One of the things I've been doing is logging my food intake, and I'm trying to learn about healthier diets and make changes that I and my family can stick with. My Lent project will overlap this a bit, and I'm going to be focusing on both physical and spiritual changes.

Here are my Lenten goals:

1. Wean myself from coffee/caffeine in preparation for fasting
2. Start baking more healthy desserts to replace Little Debbie addiction
3. Eat more immune-boosting foods
4. Increase my water intake
5. Practice portion control
6. Fast Easter weekend

7. Do a Reiki self-healing every day
8. Stretch daily
9. Meditate for at least 5 minutes daily
10. Meditate with the sunrise & with the moon at least once a week
11. Perform a healing for someone else, or for Gaia, daily
12. Study and honor Jesus daily
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