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Eden is Six

When we woke up this morning, Eden yelled, “Hooray! I've always wanted to be six!”

I think I'll always consider her birthday my “Mommyversary”. Every morning on her birthday I wake up and think something like, “Well, my water broke by this time six years ago.” I love that I remember all of my births with pride. I look forward to showing Eden the pictures and going over the story again. I love how that nervous feeling of excitement becomes perfectly present in my tummy again.

I'll do her birthday pictures later, but for now I would just like to share my birth story for all my new friends who might not have seen it before. There are some naked birthy pics, and although I don't really consider that 'not safe for work' (says the doula), I guess I should warn for naked me any time that happens.

"People asked me if I was afraid and I laughed. Are you kidding? I'm a birth goddess. I didn't doubt for a second. It's what I was made for."
Tags: birth, birth story, eden, family, holidays, josh, me
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