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They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but stand back, gals, I think the men were right about this one:


It may be silly, but I believe in soul mates. I know that Achaiah and I were meant to be together.

I had just returned from a year away at college. I had meant to go back, but things happened. I did not realize how expensive an out of state private school actually was, even with a 'full' scholarship.

So I had just moved in with my friends, one of whom was Josh. This was my first time on my own, and I resolved to have a dog of my own (my iguana had met with an untimely death, thanks to my stepfather).

I searched through the Iwanna, which always had free dog listings. I called about a few, but someone had always snagged them up just ahead of me. As I continued my search, I had a dream about an all-white dog. I knew it was my dog.

That night I spoke to my mom on the phone, telling her about my dream and how I hoped to get my dog soon. She said, "Well we just found out Summer-dog is pregnant. Can you wait and take one of her puppies?" Summer-dog was the family dog, a border-collie/something mix (we believe her father was a local Albino Husky). Apparently Summer-dog had been sneaking across the street for an elicit affair with the neighbor's pit bull.

I didn't really want to wait, but I knew my mom couldn't take care of all the puppies. I agreed to quit my search and wait for Summer-dog's pups.

Of course there was one pure white one in the batch of eight.

Achaiah has the brains (and snout) of the border-collie, but the physique of a pit. Good thing Josh was my roomie at the time. When Achaiah was old enough to bring home with me, Josh advised me to get a pad-lock for her collar. We started with a small pad-lock, increasing size as Achaiah grew. She loves The Ball, and we would set up obstacle courses for her to jump through as she chased The Ball. As she grew in size, she got stronger and stronger. A great pit chest! Before she got all knocked-up, she was wearing Josh's ten pound leg weights during her exercise.

Another buddy of ours had an Awesome rottweiler/black-lab mix. This dog was cool. He was smart, badass, and knew all kinds of tricks. I couldn't be outdone, so armed with The Ball, I taught Achaiah all sorts of nifty tricks and sign language. She's smart as a whip, and dedicated to both me and The Ball.

We've been through a lot together, she and I. When I was homeless and psuedo-homeless, she was really the only thing I had. We have a special bond, one that comes from being together through everything. I saved her life once, thanks to another instance of crazy psychic connection, but that is another tale.

It was originally my intent to breed her with a pure-white pit when I found the right one. Unfortunately, she got tired of waiting. She planned her escape, flying past me when my hands were full of groceries and the baby. Whereas she always returns when I call, she turned around and taunted me first before running off down the hill. She didn't come home until morning.


So now we're expecting uber-mutt-puppies. I'm not pleased with the timing, seeing as how we have a semi-new baby in the house and not enough room for puppies ... but now that she's going to be a mommy, I'm having to spoil her rotten. She's big and waddley and lost her hotness, but I'm gooing her in love and I hope I'm home to doula her when she goes into labor.

Achaiah all pregnant

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