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Back on the (Birthing) Ball

I've been taking actively seeking doula clients, since I feel Ivy is old enough to be left with Daddy. Being the quintessential Momma's-girl, she'd hate it the first few times, but I miss births.

I'm excited that I've been getting calls again. I have a meeting with some prospective clients this Tuesday, although I am still awaiting emailed directions. I just got another call and chatted with a mama, but I don't think I felt a good vibe off that one. I think she was disappointed that I haven't had more births. I've had a lot more clients than births, thanks to several volunteer births who didn't call me. Then I had the baby and have been on break.

It's discouraging, because I only need *one more* birth to get my certification-- and it's due in September. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this couple I'm meeting Tuesday. We chatted for a little while on the phone and seemed to mesh well. I hope the fee doesn't drive them off, but I can't afford to do volunteer births anymore. We're just struggling too hard, and it actually costs money to do volunteer births.

So hopefully I will have another client soon! I'm really hoping to get the ball rolling again, and my ultimate goal is to have one birth per month. We'll see how long it takes to reach that goal.
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