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Crafty Fun


We dyed Easter eggs with onion skins, following the directions I found here. I don't use a lot of onions, so we didn't have a whole bunch of skins, but I still like the way they turned out. And so much better for the kids!


We used flowers and grasses wrapped against the eggs, and dyed them in the dye from both red onion skins and yellow onion skins. We also used a technique just wrapping them in the skins, and I think I had a shallot skin thrown in.

The ones wrapped in the skins came out more tie-dyed, while the ones boiled in dye came out more solid, with flowered designs.

Not all the flowers came out well, but a lot of them came out quite nicely.

This is one that was wrapped in the skin of a yellow onion before boiling:


A big flower:


Blade of grass:


The kids cracked this one, but Lyz & I took a picture of it anyway since we're juvenile and thought it looked like a cock:

I think this was wrapped in smaller pieces of both a red and yellow skin:

Ivy enjoyed dying them.

Realized we could use the flash.

My kids.

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