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I've been trying to jump-start my creativity a bit lately, so over the past couple of weeks I've been writing descriptions for my dragons in the Ridiculous lineage project (and my holiday dragons). All of them have so far been approved. I thought I'd share them here since it's been a long while since I really wrote anything. Some of my dragcave friends have cameos, too.

Haggis the Fearsome

All Christmas dragons embody the Spirit of Christmas, but there's something slightly off about Haggis. He embodies the Spirit of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Haggis has a chip on his shoulder because he was born with bright red stripes, and all of the other dragons used to laugh and call him names. He constantly got into fights as a hatchling and quickly gained the moniker "Haggis the Fearsome" after defeating the scroll hotshot, Han Sum, in three consecutive schoolyard battles.

Haggis usually smells of strong eggnog, and he loudly bemoans his holly-leaf wings whenever he's drunk. He rails against commercialism and will completely trash any yard he finds decorated with neon reindeer.


Antera is the dragon of unrequited love. She's a meddlesome little dragon, always inquiring about people's love lives and trying to set them up on blind dates. She does have a knack, for usually one of her 'clients' will become smitten, but never has she caused a true love-match. That doesn't stop her from trying. Locals who are victims of unrequited love will often leave offerings for Antera, beseeching her to intercede on their behalf. They don't realize that she has no power to aid their cause. Her vocal advertising as 'Matchmaker Extraordinaire' only draws them in.

Ridiculous Queen Black

Ridiculous Queen Black was one of the very first Ridiculous dragons, and she was the first to claim territory in Ahavah. Being the oldest and first matriarch, Queen Black is an extremely powerful and respected dragon. She does have an Old World View regarding bloodlines, and she takes great pride in the purity of hers. Few of the Black Clan will face her wrath by breeding with anyone who is not purebred black, and the Queen's blessing is needed for any life-mating.

She and the King have produced a number of alt blacks, increasing her power and station even more. She reckons this a sign of strength and magic in the bloodline. An easy way to gain rank in the Black Clan is to be born an alt or produce several during breedings.

Ridiculous King Black

Ridiculous King Black was the second Ridiculous dragon in these parts, but it was not that alone that gained him a place at the Queen's side. They met while hunting, when they accidentally marked the same herd of horses. He ruined her hunt, but she was mesmerized by both his flying and hunting skill. She hadn't been aware of his presence, which had never happened to her before. They first became friends and then mates, and the new King Black took over the training of her warriors and began to rule at her side.

While his Queen believes their combined magic produces so many alts, both in their children and the clan as a whole, the King believes that this happens because they made a true love-match. He cannot disagree openly with the Queen, but he tries to work behind the scenes to support love-matches when they happen in the Clan. He feels the Queen puts too much emphasis on blood, but only his closest friend, Ridiculous Black Knight, knows his true feelings.

Ridiculous Prince Nysa Black

Ridiculous Prince Nysa Black is the firstborn and heir of the Black Clan. His birth would have heralded much rejoicing either way, but the Queen was ecstatic when he hatched as an alt. He was spoiled as a child, but figures that most heirs are. Once he reached adolescence, he began training with his father and gained a deeper level of maturity. Prince Nysa is a skilled and cunning warrior, and he has easy command of his natural magic. He serves well as Captain of the Queen's Guard.

Ridiculous PrincessConsort Black

Ridiculous PrincessConsort Black was not born to such a high station. Her mother is a priestess and her father a knight, who just happens to be best friends with the King. This is how she came to know Prince Nysa and his royal siblings, and, since they were of an age, it was likely why she was chosen as his bride. She was humbled by the honor and is happy as his wife. Her husband stays fairly busy, so PrincessConsort spends most of her time entertaining at the palace or visiting her mother's temple. Having grown up in the priesthood, she is a very spiritual and reflective dragon.

Ridiculous Princess Alt Black

Ridiculous Princess Alt Black is the younger child of the Queen and King. While her brother has made a career in the Guard, Princess Alt prefers to explore the realm of magic. She outpaced her tutors and graduated early, and now she's searching for a more powerful dragon to act as her mentor in the Old Magic. She's studying at the temple under HolyRidiculousBlackDragonBatman for now, since her search has so far been fruitless, but at least she's becoming fluent in the Old Tongue. She's trying to convince her mother to allow her to travel outside of Ahavah in search of a suitable mentor.

Ridiculous Duke Black

Ridiculous Duke Black was the second Ridiculous dragon in Ahavah, coming right on the heels of the Queen herself. He once had aspirations of being king, but it didn't work out. He holds his duchy by the grace of timing and age alone, and it irks him that his children were traded off for political gain. It doesn't really irk him because he loved his kids, but because there's great honor in having one mated into the royal family or taken into the guard. It doesn't help matters that his mate is a frigid thing, but the Duke does the best he can with the lot he was given. He has no exceptional skill, so he just rests on his laurels and does his best to hold onto his position.

Ridiculous Duchess Black

Ridiculous Duchess Black is one of the Black Clan's fiercest warriors. She serves as Prince Nysa's Lieutenant, but deep down she knows that she'd be Captain if Nysa didn't outrank her. She's content, however, because her skill is the subject of bards everywhere and the Queen has personally recognized her accomplishments. Unfortunately, the Queen thought she was doing Duchess a favor when she mated her off to Ridiculous Duke Black, a lazy dragon who continues to hold his rank because of the Duchess' exemplary accomplishments. Duchess wouldn't breed with him at all if the Queen didn't expect her to do her part to preserve the bloodline. So she puts on a smile and pretends she's happy, then takes out her aggression on the battlefield.

Ridiculous Black Knight

Ridiculous Black Knight was gifted to the Black Clan as an egg, a gift from the Queen of Brightflashes to solidify an alliance. When Black Knight hatched as an alt, the Queen took him under her wing, for he was the first alt in the Black Clan. This, as well as his hard work and dedication, allowed him to be knighted at a young age. He has served the Queen and King diligently for over a thousand years, and has become dear friends with the King in the process. He was given a lovely mate, a priestess who maintains her own quarters at her temple, and his own firstborn became the mother of heirs. Black Knight is a happy dragon and a stalwart companion.


HolyRidiculousBlackDragonBatman was another political gift to the Queen from the land of Pesha. There are many great and heroic dragons there, and HRBDB is from the strongest bloodline. Her gifts manifested as a great psychic power, so she was given to the temple as a hatchling to be taught their ways. She was a diligent and intelligent acolyte, and she quickly rose within the ranks of the priesthood. She was offered the position of Head Priestess, but turned it down because the rigors of the station would not leave her enough time for meditating and gardening. Instead, she was given a valiant mate in the Black Knight, and was further honored when her eldest was chosen as the Prince's bride.

Ridiculous Marchioness Black

Ridiculous Marchioness Black is lady-in-waiting to the Queen. She enjoys all the comforts of Court and none of the responsibility. She knows she'll have to settle down and start a brood one day, but for now she's happy attending the Queen and sneaking off for an occasional dalliance. She has no real skill to speak of, excepting her mastery of such games as Free-Fall-Chicken, Roast Pig Kabob, and Cantrip Trip-up. Canny wagering on the Court games has amassed her quite a pile of treasure.

Ridiculous Queen wfiT the Black

Ridiculous Queen wfiT the Black became queen when her grandmother, the Great Matriarch, finally retired and moved to ebb at her temple. Her father, Prince Nysa, was old but still in fair health. He'd spent his life commanding the guard and had never expected to take the throne after so long, so he happily abdicated in favor of wfiT.

Queen wfiT is not as powerful as the matriarch, but if what her grandmother told her is true, her power will increase once she is mated and begets heirs. She's looking forward to finding a good king, but is in no rush yet.


RidiculousJack was imported, a gift from SScott3825 when every frill in Ahavah gendered female. A female was meant to be gifted in return, but she grew up too quickly and left Jack with two mates. Jack's frills grew three sizes that day, and he's preened ever since. He's trying to talk them into finding another lovely frill lady to bring into their union, but Janet and Chrissy adamantly refuse.

Ridiculous Janet

Ridiculous Janet was the first Ridiculous frill in Ahavah, and this would have caused her to be divinely christened as Queen if the JackChrissy debacle hadn't ruined her political aspirations. She knows she's strongest, smartest, prettiest, and has the best frills, so that will have to do. Her mate Jack is a bit of a doofus, but she loves him more than she lets on. She's pleased to provide his heir, but she hopes that Chrissy gets to have a clutch soon. All three love each other dearly.

Ridiculous Chrissy

Ridiculous Chrissy was in a hurry to hatch, and she's been hurrying ever since. She walks fast, talks fast, flies fast, shakes her frills fast (they vibrate like hummingbird wings and they're really her best feature), and she acts fast. The poor woman never thinks before speaking or acting, but she's so darn genuine that other dragons can't help but like her. She's almost always bubbly, but she has her sad points when she mourns her lack of offspring.

Ridiculous Shams-e Tabrizi

Ridiculous Shams-e Tabrizi is a dragon mystic. He was born to the Saami tribe in the caves of Mount Tabriz, but like all mystics, he took up a wandering life at a young age. He moved from scroll to scroll, seeking "someone who can endure my company." A voice said to him, "What will you give in return..." and Shams immediately replied, "My head!" The voice informed him, "The one you seek is Ridiculous Rumi of Ahavah." Shams searched the land far and wide for many weeks, eventually finding ecstatic union with his Beloved.

Ridiculous Rumi

Ridiculous Rumi is a dragon mystic and poet. As a young hatchling, she envied the ability of others to fly, and she in turn began to search inward for her own brand of freedom. She was a perceptive and empathic student, quickly outpacing the local masters, and even as a youngster her verse was sung across the land. Her poetry has a moving theme of union with the Beloved, and this is personified in her relationship with Ridiculous Shams-e Tabrizi.

Ridiculous Sohbet

Ridiculous Sohbet is the cherished firstborn of Ridiculous Rumi and Ridiculous Shams-e Tabrizi, a product of their ridiculously ecstatic union. Rumi chose the name Sohbet, which roughly translates to "mystical conversation on mystical subjects." Sohbet still lives at home with his parents, out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing.

Ridiculous Eve

In the beginning, ridiculousness was upon the face of the cave. A beautifully glowing egg hatched into a wonderfully Ridiculous Man. He found love in the Ridiculous Woman, and it was good. They begat Ridiculous Eve, who was cast out from the scroll. She wandered, looking for a Ridiculous mate of her own.

She came to the Garden of Ahavah, where she found three Ridiculous frills. The male became smitten and wanted to mate, but his females looked down on Eve because she was not a true frill. Eve ran, collapsing at the feet of a great apple tree. There, she met the Ridiculous Alt von Dorkface, who explained the true meaning of bloodlines. Eve is proud to be a Ridiculous dragon, and she is not ashamed to mate with other breeds. She is proud of her Dorkfaced children, and she's now a passionate advocate of spreading all ridiculousness far and wide.

Ridiculous Alt von Dorkface

Ridiculous Alt von Dorkface is proud to be a ninth generation Dorkface, have a family tree full of wonderfully-named dragons, and was also one of the first Ridiculous dragons in the land. He was, in fact, the first alt in Ahavah, although the snooty Queen Black usurped his title and tried to bestow it upon her pet knight. She would not allow Alt near any of the other black dragons, because he isn't a purebred black. He finds her lineage short, and her too immature to decide who he can and cannot breed with. She created an enemy in Alt, for he's exceptionally proud of his heritage and his many descendants. He does his best to spread Ridiculous Dorkfacedness through the world.

Alt is a fine warrior and magician in his own right, as well as being quite intelligent. He's enjoying himself now, carefully plotting how to infiltrate Queen Black's cave and seduce both her daughter and her silly little handmaid.

Ridiculous Double Dorkface

Ridiculous Double Dorkface knows how some of the other dragons whisper about his dubiously incestuous parentage, though no one would dare say it in his presence. Double Dorkface is proud to have Midas and Shallyna'ar on both sides - well-diluted, he would add - as well as having Witch Legacy lineage, Oroku the Xmas07, and Gene Simmons himself. Double Dorkface is powerful, striking, and very secure in himself in the face of any other dragon. He has chosen not to breed yet, saving himself for another Double Dorkface. Until he finds her, he channels that excess energy into his magical studies.


Ridiculous Shiphrah

Ridiculous Shiphrah is arguably the most beautiful dragon in Ahavah. She has some natural magical ability, as her grandfather was a mage. She was once considered an oracle, until she decided to retire from fame. Shiphrah was named for her great-grandmother and matriarch, and she's proud of the fact that she comes from an unbroken line of silver females.

It was this mutual pride in lineage that drew her to Alt von Dorkface, as well as his skill in magic. He has been teaching her more, though he doesn't come up often to visit her. She lives almost as a hermit upon the highest and most perilous mountain, for she grew tired of pilgrims years ago.
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