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Here's the Thing: I'm Still Unhealthy & Out of Control

On January 31, I wrote a friends-locked post titled Here's the Thing: I Have One Fat Ass. Out of that post came my community fitfriends, which is now in it's 15th week. After two months, we started over again from the beginning.

This is what I looked like at Christmas, a month before I started fitfriends:

This is what I looked like yesterday, which pissed me off when I saw it:

Not so good.

I've made some very healthy changes. I drink at least two big glasses of water every day now, and I'm clearing up my sinuses with the help of a neti pot, and I'm getting out of bed most days and doing something around the house or yard.

But I'm still snacking too much, and drinking way too much (which is a huge part of the problem, I believe). I still have awful trouble with my depression, which leaves me unmotivated and I tend to wallow and eat on my all-too-often “off days”.

Luckily for me, I've started getting back on track this past week and a half or so. Even when I can't find my motivation or energy, I set the timer and do something. Most of this has been focused on getting my house back in order. Now it's time to buckle down and really get me back in order. Flylady really helps me in so many ways, and it's working out just right now. My house is more tolerable, and Flylady has declared the May habit-of-the-month to be “Moving in May.” In April, I've made my bed everyday – and Josh has gotten up and covered it on many an off-day. I can really tell what a difference it's made in both of our attitudes after just a couple weeks. Well, for May I resolve to finally get myself together and, like thousands of other flybabies everywhere, I'll dedicate at least fifteen minutes a day to moving and getting healthier.

I've been stretching more, and occasionally working in the garden or taking a family hike. Well the weather is definitely nicer now, and there's no excuse to be glooming around the house all day. And I have to say, that tv show “Biggest Loser: Couples” has really been helping motivate me to do something about my predicament. Looking at their before and after pictures of their last sixteen weeks – they look freaking awesome, and here I can't stop gaining! But yes I can. I will. The very least I can do is work out for fifteen minutes every day and see if that helps my energy and mental/spiritual levels.

I've been looking at this site, Cool Running: The Couch-to-5k Running Plan, which is a two-month commitment. I like walking, and I always wished I could run (isn't that great?). I hate working out in front of people, but going for a walk/run will be good for me – and Achaiah, if I take her chubby butt along. I also have been trying to get back to being able to do push ups and sit ups. It's heartbreaking that I can't anymore. So in addition to walking actively again, I'm going to get in “drop and give me 20” shape again. My arms start buckling around four these days. That's sad.

I thought I was dedicated before. Well I'm really dedicated now. I've bitten the bullet and posted before-fat-ass-pics. I promise to move every day in May, even my bad days. I will make real weekly goals that challenge me.

Feel free to make this jump with me! Can you dedicate yourself to fifteen minutes of healthy movement every day for one month? If you want, come over to fitfriends, where I'm so lucky to get a lot of feedback and support. Feel free to check in on me. I owe you a picture on May 31.
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