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(I'm trying to post more; can you tell?)

I've been in a pretty creative groove lately. I don't know if it's maybe because I've been sticking to my Flying and movement makes me motivated. Blood and oxygen flowing back to the brain and whatnot. Whatever the reason, over the past few weeks I've dug out my NaNo WonderSaga and started working on it yet again.

I've revamped my idea and simplified it quite a bit. This meant redoing my spaceship plans, but I enjoy world building and I think drawing initially kick-started the writing. So far I just completed phase one last night, which is my rough draft of the ship. It's now one torus divided into six regional sections (not counting null-g), and I've a rough idea of the main city, waterways, forests, farms, etc. I've pinpointed where each character I have so far lives. I copied my character info from last year and have started inputting extras that I'd overlooked.

As soon as I've filled out my torus with the bare bones of who needs to run it, I'll actually start writing. I may start with character bios or vignettes at first and just kind of get a feel for the world. Most of you fine folks who gave me permission to immortalize you now have a little spot of your own on Akupara.

I'm a co-administrator of the Women Writing in Asheville meetup group. (My buddy cranesinmybrain is the main mod.) Tomorrow will be my second time leading the group. We've been hearing a lot of good stories lately, and I'm going to try to have something written to share. If I don't make it by tomorrow, definitely by the next meetup.
Tags: healing, links, nanowrimo, nc, spirit, writing

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