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May 1: Health Habits

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This post is a continuation of my month-long commitment to healthy movement.

I've done really well today. I started by weighing and taking my measurements. I'm going to bite the bullet and actually share my 'before' measurements, I think, in a friends-locked post in fitfriends. I'll mostly be posting my health goals there, but I may start posting my “Ta da” lists here on my own blog.

Thanks to satoribee, I've signed up at the Calorie Count website. I've monitored fat before, but I've always just kind of ignored calories. Well I started poking around that site, and I decided to log my info and see what it suggested. I'm not sure if my scale is 100% right, but today I also (re)started logging my food and exercise. Calorie Count keeps track of how much I'm taking in and burning, which I find really helpful. And logging food and seeing how healthy it is has already made me more accountable today.

I was pretty sad to see that they calculated my BMI at 30.5. Apparently someone my height, frame, and age should have a BMI between 20-25. This makes me “moderately overweight”. Well, that's better than the last time I figured my BMI, which I distinctly remembered used the word “obese”.

Also, my morning coffee apparently gives me about 160 calories. I finally did twenty minutes of real exercising, and I found out it only burned 101 calories. At least I've learned that I usually burn 1900 per day just by existing.

I also was classified as an 'Excessive Eater', which was no surprise. Food is a big emotional crutch for me. I need to figure out a way to work through that if a healthy lifestyle is ever going to become a reality. I can't just get sad and say “Screw it all, I can eat a few donuts if I feel like it.”

Today, on Day 1 of Moving in May, I did:

10 minutes stretching/warm up
12 push ups
12 crunches
12 leg lifts
12 squats
24 jumping jacks
5 minutes walking/stretching cool down

I was going to take a walk later too, but Lyz has invited us over to see her house. I've done well with my intake today, so I think that's a good start for exercising. We're going to grill out tomorrow, so I may have to do a bit more exercise tomorrow to offset my indulgence. Still, I felt pretty good after my work out, and I stayed active for another 30 or 45 minutes of house blessing.

Edit: Ironically enough, Josh just got home with donuts. Funny, Universe.
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