Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Another Piece of Parenting Bliss

Eden: Mom, can we have a celebration?

Me: Every day's a great day for a celebration! What did you have in mind?

E: You know, like a party?

Me: Okay. Well did you want to invite people over, or just make something special, or do gifts? I mean, what did you have in mind?

E: Ooh! Let me go get my notebook, and I'll show you.

At this point, Eden runs away and comes back with her notebook and starts flipping through pictures. I say how they're good, and she says:

Oh, Ivy drew those. She got my notebook. This is Ivy's...this is Ivy's...this one...Oh, here's one of mine! It's about me training Cinder.

Me, a bit shocked: What is that? No Ivy?

E: Um, no, that's just a face.

Me: It's a face all circled and slashed out, with a big “No Ivy” written beside it.

E: Oh, oops...that wasn't what I meant to write.

(For the record, her plans were a party for Cinder. She included homemade decorations, balloons, a tunnel & slide that turns Cinder invisible, and "No Puppy". Achaiah can come, because she's a dog, not a puppy.)
Tags: eden, family, ivy, unschooling

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