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I have so much to keep track of, so I'm just doing it here in one big post. Feel free to skip if you're not interested.

Looks like Slim-fast is helping, and I've been trying to eat more salads, as well. I posted recently about breaking my third plateau, when I learned I lost four pounds. Now I've lost four more! That brings my grand-total weight loss since having Ivy to 41 pounds.

Also, since my descent into the pit of reality, I have been (ok, slowly) increasing my exercise. And now that Josh is getting more regular work again, I'm back at attempting to Bellydance with Veena & Neena. Still slow progress there, but with perserverance, I'll get it.

Since my first doula client cancelled due to a family emergency, Josh and I have both been putting forth a lot of doula birth energy and willing clients to call and hire me. I have two more interviews with potential clients. One client is due soon, in April, and I'll be meeting with her Sunday. She has no support partner and really hopes to have a doula. The other client isn't due until September, second baby, and her 9 yr old son may be interested in participating. I'd so love to be involved in both of these births! Keeping fingers crossed!

Ivy is so close to crawling. She's had the 'rocking' down for a while now, and she can technically crawl backwards. But she just can't get that forward motion down. She got totally pissed at me today for doing the dishes instead of tending to her, and - brilliant girl - she turned around and worked her way backwards into the kitchen towards me. Unfortunately, she got turned sideways and couldn't figure out how to get back around, and it was one of those two steps forward-twenty steps back situations. Then the screaming commensed. LOL

And Eden...


She has discovered the "Why?" game. Enough said.

Things are so very rough right now. It seems that every six months or so, our car breaks down. Doesn't matter if we get a new (well, new for us...all second hand) car. So now we're at home, doing laundry and packing up to go stay with mom. Again. Only now, it will be all four of us and our very pregnant dog - in one bedroom. Until we can afford to buy a new radiator, which must come after the electric bill, catch up a month or three in lot rent, house payment, and another round of insurance. Thank God Josh finally got his missing 1040, and now we can file our taxes tomorrow. With two child credits, we should hopefully be getting money back.

Three cars from the sheriff's department keep creeping up and down the roads around our house, flashing their spotlights and peering into everyone's yards. It's pretty obvious that they're after someone. I don't know what's up. ... Now they went to the top of the hill, and a car from up the way came speeding down our little sideroad and took off like a bat out of hell. All three cops took off after it. Josh thinks they were using intimidation to flush someone out. Wonder what happened...

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